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Fake news alert! Liberal rag Politico reported today that Speaker Ryan is retiring, which shocked Speaker Ryan: “I ain’t going anywhere.”

President Trump was shocked to hear the news of his new Republican ally retiring and called to report his dismay at hearing the news. Speaker Ryan, who was reported to be as surprised as anyone by the news that he is retiring, assured the President, “I ain’t going anywhere.”

VIDEO: Jim Acosta attempts to defend fake news by CNN and other media. Sarah Sanders blows him up

“I want to say, Sarah, that journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news,” Acosta whined as Sarah Sanders scolded the entire room of journalists for publishing fake news.

VIDEO: Joyless Behar squeals with delight when she hears the news that President Trump is in serious trouble. Then, she is embarrassed by the truth!

Watch Bejar and her fellow liberal weenies on the panel applaud and celebrate the fake news that Mike Flynn was going to testify that candidate Trump directed him to contact the Russians. So thrilled is Joyless that you would think she finally found a man who agreed to have sex with her.

VIDEO: Geraldo Rivera may be a flaming liberal, but he’s honest, slams media for “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump

I have news for you, Geraldo. The mainstream media’s “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump is not limited to Puerto Rico. It is all day, every day!

Breaking video! Project Veritas goes undercover to expose the shocking leftist bias and compulsive lying of a New York Fake News Times editor

THIS is what passes for an editor at The New York Fake News Times, a compulsive liar and a liberal Democrat (pardon my redundance).

FAKE NEWS! NBC is the latest fake news outlet forced to apologize and retract for lies it published regarding President Trump

Proving that CNN is not the only world class purveyor of fake news, NBC has consistently been a publisher of anonymously-sourced total fabrications in its own right.

Liberal weenie tweets photo of Barack Hussein and fam serving victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, except….

President Trump found a cure for cancer, liberals would scream, “Way to go, Trump! Now cancer centers are going to go bankrupt across the country and oncologists will be sleeping on the street. I bet you never thought of that, did you, you moron?” 

VIDEO: Oh, my God! Watch these leftist asshats lie through their teeth to denounce President Trump, especially crying fakeburger Van Jones

The leftist talking heads have excused and/or ignored Antifa violence against Trump supporters for the past year, but the first chance they are given (thanks, James Fields) to attack President Trump for the actions of patriots defending themselves and they are all over it.

VIDEO: The fake news mainstream media blasted President Trump for not commenting on Charlottesville earlier. He handles them like a boss!

Many of the facts are still not out as to exactly what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday, yet the fake news mainstream media expected President Trump to make a statement before the police had the perpetrator out of his car, like he is supposed to be barking orders at the cops from the Oval Office. What stupidity!

Fake Newsweek’s latest edition depicts President Trump as a lazy loser. Their editors are either blind or stupid, and I know they aren’t blind

GMAFB! Donald Trump has been eating stress and pressure for breakfast for 50 years. He thrives on it. He seeks it. He invites it. He devours it. 

VIDEO: Fox News blows! Watch Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace ambush the Trump family, calling them liars

Watch as Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith ambush the Trump family in this amazing hatefest that makes me wonder if either of them is sane.

Hilarious video: Fox News bitchslaps CNN. Watch Greg Gutfeld in this intro to The Five. Hint: He’s the one wearing CNN’s logo for a head

As the show opened, Jesse Watters introduced the co-hosts of “The Five”. Greg Gutfeld was wearing a red box that said “CNN” just like the memes being put out.

VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka to Anderson Fake News Cooper: “You are now 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick At Nite’ which is at 11”

“Let’s let the viewers judge, who decided that you are now 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick At Nite’ which is at 11,” said Gorka.

Mainstream media goes orgasmic over Polish First Lady passing President Trump’s handshake. Polish Prez bitchslaps them, calling them “FAKE NEWS”

Trump-hating suspects in the mainstream media are shrieking like tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert over Polish First Lady not noticing President Trump extending his hand to shake.

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