Hilarious! CNN’s Don Le Moron vents: “Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes! We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

“For this very moment that just happened right before our eyes, why were we pretending otherwise? Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

We all know television news is crap, right? Watch this hurricane reporter pretend he can barely stand when two boys casually walk through his broadcast

Mainstream television news is crap. We all know that. They exaggerate, they twist, they report out of context, they outright lie to make whatever it is they are reporting appear to be a life or death crisis…. all for money.

FAKE NEWS ALERT! The mainstream media is pushing the false narrative that Florida school shooter was “trained” by the NRA. Barefaced LIE!

That lie was quickly debunked but many MSM outlets either let the lie ride or waited until the black hole of weekly news, Friday night, to publish an ‘Oh, guess what? We lied.’ Now, comes the newest fake news/barefaced lie from the mainstream media and they are running full steam ahead with it.

FCC slaps broadcast giant with $13.4 million fine for fake news. Is this a shot over the bow of the mainstream media to clean up its fake news?

Fake news is pervasive today throughout the mainstream media simply because the purveyors of fake news have been allowed to get away with it. Passing off biased, partisan news reports as objective journalism is SOP in today’s mainsteam media, completely devoid of professional ethics and morals.

Fake news alert! Liberal rag Politico reported today that Speaker Ryan is retiring, which shocked Speaker Ryan: “I ain’t going anywhere.”

President Trump was shocked to hear the news of his new Republican ally retiring and called to report his dismay at hearing the news. Speaker Ryan, who was reported to be as surprised as anyone by the news that he is retiring, assured the President, “I ain’t going anywhere.”

VIDEO: Jim Acosta attempts to defend fake news by CNN and other media. Sarah Sanders blows him up

“I want to say, Sarah, that journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news,” Acosta whined as Sarah Sanders scolded the entire room of journalists for publishing fake news.

VIDEO: Joyless Behar squeals with delight when she hears the news that President Trump is in serious trouble. Then, she is embarrassed by the truth!

Watch Bejar and her fellow liberal weenies on the panel applaud and celebrate the fake news that Mike Flynn was going to testify that candidate Trump directed him to contact the Russians. So thrilled is Joyless that you would think she finally found a man who agreed to have sex with her.

VIDEO: Geraldo Rivera may be a flaming liberal, but he’s honest, slams media for “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump

I have news for you, Geraldo. The mainstream media’s “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump is not limited to Puerto Rico. It is all day, every day!

Breaking video! Project Veritas goes undercover to expose the shocking leftist bias and compulsive lying of a New York Fake News Times editor

THIS is what passes for an editor at The New York Fake News Times, a compulsive liar and a liberal Democrat (pardon my redundance).

FAKE NEWS! NBC is the latest fake news outlet forced to apologize and retract for lies it published regarding President Trump

Proving that CNN is not the only world class purveyor of fake news, NBC has consistently been a publisher of anonymously-sourced total fabrications in its own right.

VIDEO: Oh, my God! Watch these leftist asshats lie through their teeth to denounce President Trump, especially crying fakeburger Van Jones

The leftist talking heads have excused and/or ignored Antifa violence against Trump supporters for the past year, but the first chance they are given (thanks, James Fields) to attack President Trump for the actions of patriots defending themselves and they are all over it.

VIDEO: The fake news mainstream media blasted President Trump for not commenting on Charlottesville earlier. He handles them like a boss!

Many of the facts are still not out as to exactly what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday, yet the fake news mainstream media expected President Trump to make a statement before the police had the perpetrator out of his car, like he is supposed to be barking orders at the cops from the Oval Office. What stupidity!

Fake Newsweek’s latest edition depicts President Trump as a lazy loser. Their editors are either blind or stupid, and I know they aren’t blind

GMAFB! Donald Trump has been eating stress and pressure for breakfast for 50 years. He thrives on it. He seeks it. He invites it. He devours it. 

VIDEO: Fox News blows! Watch Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace ambush the Trump family, calling them liars

Watch as Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith ambush the Trump family in this amazing hatefest that makes me wonder if either of them is sane.

Hilarious video: Fox News bitchslaps CNN. Watch Greg Gutfeld in this intro to The Five. Hint: He’s the one wearing CNN’s logo for a head

As the show opened, Jesse Watters introduced the co-hosts of “The Five”. Greg Gutfeld was wearing a red box that said “CNN” just like the memes being put out.

VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka to Anderson Fake News Cooper: “You are now 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick At Nite’ which is at 11”

“Let’s let the viewers judge, who decided that you are now 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick At Nite’ which is at 11,” said Gorka.

Mainstream media goes orgasmic over Polish First Lady passing President Trump’s handshake. Polish Prez bitchslaps them, calling them “FAKE NEWS”

Trump-hating suspects in the mainstream media are shrieking like tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert over Polish First Lady not noticing President Trump extending his hand to shake.

VIDEO: Trump supporters protest fake news in front of CNN Atlanta headquarters

Then, when President Trump slams the Queen of Fake News back, CNN, et al. slam the President for being so unpresidential as to protest their fake news. He’s supposed to just take it.

New low, even for fake news CNN (Criminal News Network), which committed a criminal act, blackmailing and coercing a Trump supporter

CNN is accused of attacking the videos maker with blackmail — and their potentially illegal threats caused the hashtag #CNNBlackmail to become the number one trending topic.

VIDEO: Part III of CNN fake news exposé by James O’Keefe. CNN producer on American voters…. “stupid as sh!t”

More honesty from CNN is revealed in Part III of Project Veritas’ fake news exposé. It’s a shame we only get this honesty when there is a hidden camera around.

Over the past month ABC, CBS, and NBC spent 353 minutes on fake news Trump/Russia fairy tale and one whole minute combined on tax reform

A mind-blowing 353 minutes of air time by the Big Three was spent on the Russia/Trump fairy tale, which anyone with at least two active brain cells knew was bogus from the beginning.

VIDEO: CNN fake news boss Jeff Zucker runs like a coward after hiding for an hour to avoid being confronted by James O’Keefe

Zucker waited for an entire hour before enlisting the help of an ad hoc crew to run interference outside the building, giving the little sawed-off coward time to waddle his fat ass to the limo.

Whiny A$$HOLE Don Lemon cuts off a guest who accuses him of fake news, then gets up from his desk and walks off the set

Liberal Weenie Lemon then cut Dennard off…. “Ok, thank you very much everyone. Thanks for watching. Have a great weekend. Good night all,” turned, got up from his desk and walked out.

Project Veritas’ second undercover video, exposing CNN as the Queen of Fake News, featuring Van Jones: “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger”

I believe that no one could remain loyal to a television news network that has been exposed as an organization that will lie right to the faces of its viewers for the sake of ratings.

CNN is claiming that the O’Keefe exposé is the personal opinion of an employee. No, it isn’t, CNN. The employee was quoting CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

CNN is claiming that the Project Veritas exposé is the personal opinion of a company employee. No, it isn’t, CNN. The employee was quoting head of CNN Jeff Zucker.

James O’Keefe has vindicated President Trump. The Russian fairy tale is finally OVER!

I have to admit it was entertaining watching liberal weenies go into convulsions over the Russia/Trump fairy tale. They had to believe. It was the party line. It was all they had.

VIDEO: Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts the fake news media right to its face over the O’Keefe CNN video we published this morning

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking no prisoners this morning during the White House press conference when a reporter in the audience asked about the charge that CNN is fake news.

Hidden camera video of CNN admitting the Russia/Trump fable is fake news, but they continue to broadcast it 24/7 for ratings

Patriot James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is doing a stellar job exposing the left as the corrupt, bullsh!t machine it is. In this, the first video in a series on fake news, O’Keefe goes after CNN.

VIDEO: Cable Fake News Network (CFNN), aka CNN, stages fake Muslim news event in London

CNN doesn’t report news, they manufacture it. They believe news is much more interesting if they prepare it for you the way they like it and jam it down your throat with a big stick. Yum, right?