She tried.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg just couldn’t hang on until 2021.

May God bless her with all the riches of Heaven for departing this world in time for Donald Trump to appoint yet another Constitution-loving patriot to the Supreme Court.

Pardon my unapologetic giddiness, but from its founding in 2013, this site has been “dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution,” and Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just guaranteed that the Supreme Court will now also be dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution, a welcome and historic development in American history.

Laughing my ass completely off!

RBG could have simply retired during Barack Hussein’s fraudulent administration and allowed him to nominate Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or an even worse America-hating demon, of which the Democrat Party has no shortage. Instead, she clung to her seat, savoring the fame and fortune, and now liberal weenies are apoplectic that she could be so selfish. Cry me a river, you clueless morons!

President Trump WILL nominate the next true patriot to the Supreme Court, the Republican-held Senate WILL confirm that nominee, and there is NOTHING the anti-American insects on the left can do about it!

Ginsburg’s death is leading to a very predictable autumn. This week, President Trump will nominate Ginsburg’s successor, who the president claims is female (this will not suppress in the slightest the Democrat/media mantra that Trump is a misogynist). The torturous confirmation process will commence, during which even a nominee as squeaky clean as Brett Kavanaugh will be lied about, impugned, embarrassed, insulted, disgraced, demeaned, shamed, discredited, humiliated, and mercilessly brought to tears by her cruel Democrat inquisitors. She will ultimately be confirmed on a straight party-line vote (beware of Pierre Delecto, however) that will strengthen the bench in favor of constitutionalist justices, which will become critically important as there is little question that unless the Democrats can cheat enough (not possible, in my opinion) to elect creepy, sleepy Uncle Joe, President Trump will be re-elected, the Democrat Party will contest the election, and the Supreme Court will be called upon to certify the election.