Hilarious video. Feel the Bern! Trump fan photo bombs Bernie speech, plus a bonus video, the funniest of all time

Poor Bernie. The hapless communist can’t catch a break! The following video is making the rounds across the web, showing Bernie entertaining a crowd of numbskulls, mesmerized by the Bern’s “everything free, every day” political schtick for the mentally impaired. 

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and Fauxcahontas answer liberal weenie questions, plus bonus video – Bernie and Hitlery debate gun control

Fresh off inspiring a whacked out liberal Democrat to attempt mass assassination of Republican congressmen, Crazy Uncle Bernie and his favorite squaw Fauxcahontas joined forces to answer questions from morons. Bernie was all about more involvement from morons in the […]

Hypocrite Bernie Sanders and his lovely bride are BOTH under FBI investigation for bank fraud

Sexual abuse. Bank fraud. Potential prison time. Par for the liberal Democrat course. What a mess!

VIDEO: Career parasite Bernie Sanders shouts at Trump cabinet nominee for being a Christian

Fresh off a buying spree of houses and adult toys, courtesy of a “Dive for Hitlery” windfall, Crazy Uncle Bernie is back on the job, picking up right where he left off, hating on conservatives.

Advantage, Trump! Bernie Sanders has left the Democrat Party and taken his followers with him, which is half, or more, of the Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders has left the Democrat Party. Who can blame him? He has only been a Democrat for a year and the party to which he swore his loyalty has hosed him royally.

You know this is what Bernie Sanders would like to do to Hitlery after this past week….

No doubt Bernie has taken it in the shorts from the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. It is sad that he can’t do anything about it. Or can he?

VIDEO: Demexit. Bernie Sanders supporters walk out in protest, leaving half of the convention center empty

Welcome to Iran, Democrats! You asked for it. You have been voting for it. Now live with it!

VIDEO: Neil Cavuto destroys a liberal-socialist-nimrod-valley-girl-wannabe-dumbitch who believes the rich should pay 100% in taxes to fund her dream programs

Neil Cavuto was gracious enough to offer free airtime and a microphone to a complete ignoramus, who doubles as the leader of the Million Student March

VIDEO: Here you go, Bernie voters. This is your socialist utopia in Venezuela, where they steal live chickens off a truck to keep from starving to death

What kind of brain-dead moron do you have to be to vote for Bernie Sanders, believing that socialism is the answer?

Liberal Logic 101: Hilarious bar sign poking fun at Bernie Sanders and the stupid zero sum shell game of liberal/socialist gimme programs

Three words describe Bernie Sanders perfectly – “Out to lunch!” Make that “Out to another free lunch!”

LMAO! This is the absolute, without question, funniest video I have seen this year. Hitlery debates Bernie on gun control. Enjoy!

Enjoy this year’s funniest video. Without saying a word, Bernie absolutely kills Hitlery in this debate.