Out of touch Houston TV news clown Miya Shay was f-bombed by a citizen who has had enough of the media’s 24/7 campaign to gin up public fear by hyping a flu virus that in reality has proven no more dangerous than the regular flu.

The crew set up shop outside a Houston department store at 6 AM for one reason – to terrify Mom and Pop sitting at the breakfast table. Of course, they believe they are reporting important news.

No, they aren’t! They are following the leftist playbook, stoking fear and contributing to the manufacture of a crisis that exists only in the minds of pawns like Shay who trot out in front of the camera to describe to her viewers the doomsday that she insists is surely upon us.

Shay and her associate assclown never got the citizen’s point or gave him an opportunity to speak, constantly talking over him.

What passes for today’s mainstream media is little more than a collection of morons who do little research about that which they are reporting and is dominated by liberal know-nothings who are the products of America’s leftist journalism schools where they were taught by entitled “progressive” professors who have never had a real job.