By Madame Defarge

Why do college professors find it necessary to publish under an assumed name?

The most important figure in society was a teacher. How far has this once honorable position descended in the hands of its’ current practitioners? This new organizational structure is abhorrent to the history of academia. Why was the old system of research and free speech destroyed? What are the depths it will plumb? Why was the university system turned into a babysitting service for mommies with neurotic teens? Any resemblance to the master Greeks is purely accidental. We are now on the verge of a destruction similar to the library at Alexandria with no end in sight.

Academia has returned to an era of religious control. Instead of Christianity, the new religion is of course socialism. No deviation from scripture was permitted for a thousand years. We are now in the early stages of this process but censorship and retribution are already center stage.

There is an innate insecurity in academia. The wealth required to keep a small parasitic class afloat can become too great for a society to bear. Today with our unprecedented wealth a huge academic-industrial class has arisen. It is frantically struggling to maintain its’s societal acceptance and financing. By inserting itself throughout society for the past 100 years it has become a fixture of our culture. Its’ successes are undeniable however so are its’ current failures.

Initially begun as a way to solidify the Christian faith, monasteries are the source of our current educational system. By copying ancient texts the monks were able to solidify our knowledge of past eras of triumphs and disasters. This with their faith based lives was the foundation of the academy.

The religious based institutions were supported by the church and wealthy donors. The elite children began to matriculate into these institutions and the grand tours thereafter. Second sons went into the army or clergy to continue the circle.

This worked well until the nineteenth century when new science and engineering studies became quite necessary for industrial and scientific advancement. The liberal arts began to be eased out of their leadership role but these studies were still the basis of a college education.

The communist ascendancy then began the slow destruction of the western educational formula. The Russian secret police had informants throughout the country to inhibit the revolutionary attempts. After the socialist revolution, this monarchical type censorship expanded for 70 years nipping any deviation from the party line.

The socialist dogma was enforced strictly, allowing no research or evolving ideas. Punishment for deviant thought was a trip to the gulag and the awarding of your own personal shovel with which to dig canals if you were lucky. The other option was being declared a “useless mouth.” Hmmmm? I wonder if ……..

This system was adapted by the communist believers in the west and began its’ march through the educational systems across Europe and the US. Socialism was quickly grasped by the societal outliers of the academic world. This new religion quickly formed an underground movement that permeated the thoughts and lives of a new group of believers.

Being a part of a larger whole was the source of great satisfaction among the professorial class. After decades of being ostracized or ridiculed the relief was extraordinary.

While being forced underground during World War 2 and the 1950’s there were still enough true believers to keep the faith alive. New books were written gradually sanding the rough edges of the faith including the mass murders and gulags present in all of the practicing countries. As a diaphanous curtain the creation of an alternative history of the USA was needed and therefore created to become the basis of a new history of the west.

The anti-war movement was marching and burning along with the race riots in the 60’s. This was the golden opportunity to gradually insert the true faith into the curriculum of the universities. The spirit of debate and free speech was upheld by the old guard conservatives who were in control of campus life. The murders and desolation that are the fruits of socialism were apparent
enough to dissuade the students of the time to ignore the entreaties of these believers.

The acolytes were devious enough to continue to gradually warp the curriculum so that the composition of the texts moved ever leftward. This was mostly ignored and unknown to the normal members of society.

In the 1970’s the old system of qualifying for entrance to a college began to evolve as well. Money was needed to fund the grand ideas of the administration. The easiest way to enhance the fiscus was to lower the admission standards. This was easily achieved by introducing remedial instruction in english and mathematics courses.

This allowed a whole generation of students to matriculate who were totally unqualified for higher levels of instruction. Daddy sent his daughter off to find a husband and mommy could tell her friends that jr. was attending such and so university. All was well.

Now the evil money grubbing floated to the surface. A seemingly benign idea began its’ journey into the classroom. This was the new program of students grading their professors’ performance anonymously. Imagine attempting to grade and discipline the group that controls your financial well being. Even the simple students who were admitted for financial reasons soon realized who was in charge. This meant that no student was failed because what other job was available to a liberal arts professor?

The next step towards oblivion was the huge expansion of the support bureaucrats at the college. There are now at least three support personnel for each professor. The only way to pay the overhead was again to lower the admission standards. If you are able to sign your name on the application you are in the class of xxxx.

The addition of diversity and green energy administrators is an example of the new growth on campus. The addition of the federal loan program is a cash cow that will ruin many children that should never be in college at all. Many of these students are enrolled in “studies” programs that would make a scholarship athlete blush. However, most of the current professors that rose through the system are literate.

The last step towards insignificance occurred when enough of the socialist professors were seated on the tenure committee to blackball any conservative thinkers. This was a result of diversity quotas for students as well as professors. The tide of censorship then rolled in. Mathematics is racism. Science is the pervue of dead white men. History is racism. Objectivity is fading throughout the West. The guilt can be readily placed at the foot of the university administrations and their professorial lackeys. Communism is an essential fact in the faculty lounge as well as the classroom in the West today. Structural racism and anti-bias programs have allowed those of low intellectual capacity to dominate the academic atmosphere.

There is no morality to be found on campus either. Everything is subordinate to the belief system and money. The value and respect that used to be accorded to a graduate has evaporated considerably along with the pretense of knowledge. The flu bug has now exposed the final weakness of the old system. On-line education has revealed the true costs of instruction. These kids can now sit at home and take classes in many subjects. The college cannot charge the usual high fees for physically attending the school. Lastly, President Trump has revoked the student visa program. The Chamber of Commerce and Harvard University are suing to reverse the ruling. Why? Billions in tuition will be lost with these students and tech companies will have to find American graduates to fill jobs.

The banning and termination of professorial deviants from the true faith has become a daily occurrence. If the professor does not adhere to the party line he will be fired. This is the result of the political indoctrination allowed by the older academics. They worshiped the socialist ideal and now they are actually living it. A liberal arts degree means nothing in todays’ world. To see the moss covered socialist having to live by their own rules and creations is quite amusing. They are hoisted by their own petard.