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VIDEO: Trumponomics! 40,000 new manufacturing jobs added to the US economy in November, largest gain on record!

Remember Barack Hussein arrogantly saying, “For those folks who’ve lost your job right now….¬†those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.” Behold – Trumponomics, The Trump Effect!

In just five months President Trump has reduced America’s debt by $1 trillion compared to Barack Hussein’s first five months

Liberal weenies are bawling like babies from sea to shining sea. Each day another report comes out of the YUGE successes of the Trump administration. Like this one….

BOOM! The Trump Effect! Unemployment claims lowest in 28 years

From consumer confidence to the promise of corporate tax cuts to a runaway stock market, employers are investing in their companies again.

VIDEO: Fox Business News’ Charles Payne on the ‘Trump effect’- “The economy is rocking” and “nobody will talk about it”

The plain fact is that the US economy has thrown off the chains of Barack Hussein and is in full confidence runaway mode.

BOOM! The Trump effect. 298,000 jobs added in Trump’s first month in office

Since President Trump’s election, the economy has been booming, the stock market is skyrocketing, consumer confidence has money flowing again, and the newest job numbers are even better than expected.

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