H/T Dr. Reg Barrow

In March, Senator Amy Klobuchar’s husband became severely ill with the Chinese virus, now being referred to as Kung Flu because, you know, saying “Chinese virus” is illegal. Mr. Klobuchar was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a high fever and was coughing up blood. A very sick dude.

After five days, Klobuchar left the hospital completely cured, no symptoms whatsoever, the perfect picture of health.

So, what miracle drug was administered to Mr. Klobuchar to cure him so quickly and completely? Cough…. Hydroxychloroquine…. cough.

That’s right, the drug President Trump is taking and is saving lives across the globe, but that Democrats and the demonic assholes in the mainstream media call dangerous and do all they can to keep it from marking the end of the liberal wet dream, the shutting down of the US economy, saved the life of the husband of a prominent Democrat and former presidential candidate.

In a radio interview by Michael Smerconish, who asks Amy Klobuchar straight up if her husband received Hydroxychloroquine in the hospital and if that was responsible for his miraculous recovery, the senator did all she could to downplay the miracle drug (Hydroxychloroquine) rather than promote its use as an obvious lifesaving medication.

Amy Klobuchar and the Democrat Party need more sickness and death to hang around the neck of President Trump. They would much rather you die and everyone you love die than to give President Trump a thumbs up for promoting the treatment that appears to be the end of Kung Flu.

Without question, Democrats are the slimiest creatures to ever crawl the face of our planet.