Today is Memorial Day. A remembrance for the men and women who have died in the service of our country. This has brought to mind the schism that has opened among
our citizens at the behest of the international socialist groups.

We certainly now need a united effort to save our republic and its ideals. We have weathered far worse but this time is troubling nonetheless. Here are a few examples we were able to survive but these existed in different times.

The division we have today has shown the deep divide the socialist political operatives have created to accentuate their own power and standing. The divides of the past were just as deep.

The War of 1812 brought to light the first instance of secession. The New England crowd again was voting with their wallets in a similar manner to the revolution. The
Hartford Convention of states by the Federalists sent a group to DC to discuss how to secede. When the representatives arrived in DC it was a burned-out capital.
Andrew Jackson had won at New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent had been signed.

What would have happened otherwise is speculation of course. All that we need to remember is that the situation of division had progressed quickly and would have had far-reaching consequences.

Another situation arose from tariffs in the 1830s. A majority of federal tax money was derived from excise or import taxes. The wealthiest part of the country, the
southern states, paid the greatest amount of tax. This created quite a bit of resentment. John C. Calhoun of South Carolina championed nullification. This idea was
that a state could ignore federal laws with which it did not agree. Secession was even mentioned again.

Andrew Jackson remarked that if South Carolina seceded he would lead the army down and personally hang whoever led the revolt. He was looking at his Vice President, Calhoun when he said so. This of course caused a cessation of this idea of secession. Nobody crossed Jackson and was the better for it.

The War of Northern Aggression was the result of monetary control as well. The South did not particularly want slaves, but the planter class wanted the money they
could provide. The planters fancied themselves the landed nobility of the country. Their obtuse politicians created a situation that could only be solved by war.

These three situations were easily understood on a regional basis. Lines could be drawn and sides quickly determined. The world wars of the 20th century started
with division but quickly united the country in spite of the people feeling they were being used by the British and French to help pull European diplomatic incompetence and financial weakness out of the fire.

Today a schism is not so easily envisioned. There are sizable groups for and opposed to international socialism across the country. The democrat/socialist party yearns for total social control and world government. The citizens opposed are the common rabble according their betters in the media centers of New York, California, and Washington. Since the media is owned by internationalists this propaganda will not change.

The discovery that our culture is operated by academic “experts” that are incompetent has been a revelation for many people. This flu bug has shown that the emperor
has no clothes. All of the analysis up to this point has been in error. The people in these bureaucratic recliners are clueless and have gotten their appointments through political connections instead of competence. We are now suffering the consequences of not being aware of their rotting the country from the inside with dictatorial proclamations.

The discovery of the criminal activities of the Obama administration have unmasked the depths of our current divisions. Over the past 50 years the globalists have
taken over our government and are trying to destroy the influence of the US worldwide.

They wish to use this schism to destroy us completely. This divide is now quite apparent. Whether it is bridgeable can’t be foreseen but having a young man with a badge informing me that I cannot have a haircut is not a good sign for our future harmony.

What would our fallen heroes say and do? That is the real question on this Memorial Day! Enjoy the holiday and remember those who paid for it!

Still Knitting
The Madame