The home state of the authors of both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution looks more today like 1939 Germany than the cradle of the greatest democracy and allegedly the freest society to ever exist where today dissenting opinion has no place and free speech guaranteed by our First Amendment is a joke and routinely quashed by authority figures who haven’t a clue of their restrictions and duties under our Constitution.

By Jon Street

Virginia Wesleyan University is under fire after video surfaced on social media showing a security officer confronting a man with a Trump flag.

Markus Gohring posted a video on Facebook Saturday showing what he says is him being “tackled to the ground” by a security guard. Gohring said the incident happened as Sen. Bernie Sanders, the leading Democratic presidential contender, held a rally on campus the same night.

“Today at a Bernie Sanders rally I was attacked by a security guard and tackled to the ground.”    

“Today at a Bernie Sanders rally I was attacked by a security guard and tackled to the ground. I would have expected this from a Bernie supporter but not from a guard. I was walking off ground and walking for that guy too slow. This is how your first amendment rights are violated at todays [sic] universities. After I step out of the video I run because the officer pulls his club,” Gohring described in the Facebook post.


Sanders was scheduled to host a rally at the Virginia Beach campus Saturday at 8 p.m., just days before Virginia votes on Super Tuesday.

Campus Reform reached out to Gohring for more details on what exactly occurred. Gohring responded by saying, “After I[‘ve] spoken with my lawyer I’ll let you know.”

It’s unclear who the security guard in the video is, or whether he works directly for the university.

Virginia Wesleyan University did not return a request for comment in time for publication.

Jon Street is the Managing Editor at Campus Reform