Poor Bernie. The hapless communist can’t catch a break!

The following video is making the rounds across the web, showing Bernie entertaining a crowd of numbskulls, mesmerized by the Bern’s “everything free, every day” political schtick for the mentally impaired.

The suggestion is that the video is from a recent event. Not so. It is actually from a Bernie campaign stop in California in 2016. No matter, it is as funny today as it was then, maybe funnier.

Watch, as the Bern is upstaged, photobombed, and drowned out by a passing Trump fan. His followers didn’t seem to notice, which proves they weren’t listening to him anyway.

The following video is among my favorites of all time, absolutely my favorite political video of all time, and without question, the best video editing job I have ever seen.

During a 2016 debate between Bernie and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi on gun control, Bernie kills it! Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. Listen closely and you will hear Wolf Blitzer say, “thank you, Senator.”