I am beyond sickened to hear white people apologizing on behalf of all white Americans for the death of George Floyd, using terms like “racial injustice” to describe Floyd’s treatment and senseless death, which I believe the four responsible officers will be punished for.

Floyd’s death is clearly a case of police brutality and abuse of power. But, it is NOT racism! Calling it a racist incident, which there is absolutely zero evidence of, only stokes the fires of division and deepens the divide between the races, a primary goal of the leftist agenda.

While the mainstream media and liberal race-baiters perpetuate the racist narrative and gullible white Americans gobble their slop and get on their knees to beg forgiveness, there are a few whose clarity of vision and message of unity are noteworthy and should be broadcast loud and clear across America, like David J. Harris in the video below. Please watch, listen, and share David’s tearful plea everywhere.