As Russia and the Saudis drive US domestic oil producers into bankruptcy, someone please tell me why we can’t establish our own oil market and price

So, why is it not possible for President Trump, with the stroke of a pen (or several pens, as custom dictates), to declare that effective immediately, the United States is withdrawing from the international oil market and establishing its own market? Why can’t we do that? Someone, please tell me!

As US oil production soars, surpassing Saudi production, OPEC has lost global market control

From ANWR to the Dakotas to the Pennsylvania/Ohio/West Virgina oil and gas fields to Texas, US oil production has surpassed Saudi Arabia and continues to expand.

The Trump Effect! US is now an energy exporter. Poland receives its first US tanker of natural gas, wants to be European hub for US gas and oil

And you thought President Trump’s visit to Poland was just a social call! Donald Trump does not make purely social calls. He is turning deals on the golf course, at lunch, and in his sleep.