The partisan hack, I mean judge, who usurped President Trump’s authority, bundled $200K for Barack Hussein

William Orrick is not a judge. He is a partisan political hack. Judges are impartial and objective. So partisan is William Orrick that he bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for Barack Hussein.

Breaking! President Trump unveils his tax reform plan. Big win for American taxpayers!

The Trump administration unveiled a sweeping tax reform package Wednesday that simplifies the tax code, slashes rates across the board for individuals and dramatically lowers the corporate rate.

Now that it is time to go to court to answer for his lies regarding Trump/Russia collusion, the guilty British spy is busy blaming others

Now that the Democrats have been caught paying a former British spy for fabricated allegations against President Trump, that spy, Christopher Steele has found himself in court, ordered to explain.

VIDEO: Let’s start a PAC to replace the Rinos in Congress. Is anyone else sick of them or is it just me?

Why don’t “We the People” start a political action committee (PAC) to find and fund solid candidates to oppose the Rinos in Congress during their reelection campaigns?

Who knew Karma was a pig? Wild boars attack ISIS terrorists in Iraq, killing three

If there is one thing that will make any self-respecting jihadi break out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and cry like a baby it is the nightmare of being eaten alive by a pig.

North Korea continues its defiance as President Trump moves more troops and armament to the region

Kim Jong-un continues his game of Russian Roulette, marching forward with what appears to be planned nuclear and missile testing.

Great idea! Ted Cruz is proposing paying for the border wall with El Chapo’s $14 billion fortune

El Chapo has a net worth of $14 billion. That should prove to any doubters out there just how serious America’s drug problem is and how porous our border.

VIDEO: More Barack Hussein incompetence/corruption. For years US taxpayers have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars to soldiers who don’t exist

For years Mom and Pop America have been paying Afghan soldiers big money. The only problem is those soldiers don’t exist. Thus, the nickname of these phantom warriors – “ghost soldiers.”

BREAKING! San Francisco judge (go figure) just ruled President Trump’s defunding of sanctuary cities unconstitutional

I would like for Judge Orrick to provide the exact language in our Constitution that permits cities within the United States to violate federal law.

Al Gore and his band of tree huggers are demanding $15 trillion because global warming

Gore and his group of tree huggers are demanding $15 trillion for global warming investment. Of course, the way that would work is We the People give them this massive sum of money and they take care of the rest. Wink, nudge.

VIDEO: Creepy Chucky Schumer demands, “It’s not a negotiation. No wall!” As if he can stop it

Nice try, Creepy Chucky. No matter how long you practice in the mirror being a real badass, you will always come off like a total wimp.

VIDEO: Arizona ranchers declare that illegal border crossings are down 90% since Trump was inaugurated

Ladd also affirmed that since President Trump was inaugurated illegal border crossings on his ranch are down 90 to 95%.

President Trump has ordered DHS to open an office dedicated to helping victims of crime by illegal immigrants

Victims of the criminal activity by illegal immigrants will soon have a VOICE. According to The Washington Times, Homeland Security on Wednesday will officially open its office to assist victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, making good on a […]

President Trump’s personal attorney is suing BuzzFeed for publishing bare-faced lies about him

And what do we hear from the mainstream media? “When is Trump going to be impeached because Russia?” “Mr. Trump, do you regret your corrupt dealings with Putin?” “Mr. Trump, when are you going to come clean and answer the Russia questions?

Filthy rich Harvard University accepted taxpayer money to abuse animals, the same abuse Michael Vick went to prison for

If only Michael Vick had known that he could torture as many dogs as he wanted and not only avoid prison but get Mom and Pop America to pay him for doing it.

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