Two months ago when congressional Democrats were employing every trick in their book of dirty deeds to stop President Trump from acquiring the funds necessary to build his promised border wall, and, in turn, the president allowed the Dems to shut down the government rather than give in to zero wall funding in the federal budget, I wrote an article questioning not only why a critical national security issue like border protection was even debatable, but also why wasn’t President Trump simply taking the funds from the Department of Defense, specifically, I noted at the time, from the already allocated funds for military operations in Syria, which were no longer needed, as the president was pulling US troops out of Syria.

I surmised at the time that President Trump wanted to rub the Democrats’ noses in their un-American doo, fully embarrass them, and show anyone still unaware who the real enemies of America truly are before ordering the Pentagon to find the funding in the military budget.

Well, that was then and this is now. The Pentagon is today reporting that it has found $12.8 billion to apply toward border wall funding, which is coming from the DOD budget, not from Syria operations, but from a little here and a little there. As a soldier and later a DOD civilian contractor, and having worked deep within the machinery of the Department of Defense, I can confirm that our military is flush with cash, lots of cash, and $13 billion is a tiny drop of water in an endless sea (to quote a classic Kansas song) that is America’s military budget.

And the best news is there is NOTHING the liberal weenie Democrats can do about it!

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From Washington Examiner

The Defense Department has identified $12.8 billion in possible funding that it could use to fulfill President Trump’s call for a border wall.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., released the 20-page spreadsheet on Twitter Monday night.

Trump last month declared a national emergency at the border, and said he wants to use $3.6 billion for border wall projects. The Pentagon’s list said it has found possible funding sources that are “in excess of the amount needed.”

But it’s not clear which projects the Defense Department will draw from. Some states that have been allocated big chunks of money that haven’t been spent could see a hit.

California, for example, was identified as having more than $700 million in unused Army and Navy military construction that could be used. Hawaii has more than $400 million that could be used.

More than $200 million in similar funding allocated for Hawaii, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Guam, Germany, Guam, and Guantanamo Bay Cuba are also on the list.

Reed warned in his tweet that “military bases in your state could be negatively impacted” by Trump’s border emergency.

Congress has passed a resolution to disapprove of Trump’s push for emergency funding, but Trump vetoed it, and lawmakers are not expected to have enough votes to override him. Opponents of Trump’s move are still hopeful that court challenge might prevent Trump from spending the money.