The low roar you hear outside is liberal weenies moaning from sea to shining sea as the Pentagon comes up with $13 billion for border wall funding

I surmised at the time that President Trump wanted to rub the Democrats’ noses in their un-American doo, fully embarrass them, and show anyone still unaware who the real enemies of America truly are before ordering the Pentagon to find the funding in the military budget.

Why are the Dems and president arguing over border wall funding? The money has been right under our noses. Use it!

As they argue the merits and morality of having a border wall or not having a border wall, thousands of illegal immigrants continue to pour over the border, where they are held by ICE as long as legally permitted, then released into American communities. 

VIDEO: Is anyone funnier than a New York Italian? They make perfect sense too. Cousin Vito has the border wall all figured out!

Fred has the border wall and illegal immigration all figured out. Reporting on a phone conversation he had with his cousin Vito, Rubino describes Vito’s proposal for starting a new government and dealing with the controversial border wall and illegal immigration.

VIDEO: The most powerful border wall message you will ever hear from a legal immigrant whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant felon

I didn’t drag him (her son) over borders, through deserts. I protected my child from harm. But, I couldn’t do that on July 12, 2012. He was 30-years-old. I couldn’t protect him because an illegal alien from Guatemala with two felonies, one deportation, two DUIs, he was protected – Riverside, California, sanctuary.

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine and guests in rare form, pleading with President Trump to keep the government closed and DO NOT compromise on the wall

As Lindsey Graham noted in the third Twitter video, below, “I’ve never seen the President more determined to get something done than to build this wall.”

VIDEO: Fireworks aplenty in the Oval Office as Pelosi and Schumer meet with President Trump, demanding meeting be private. Prez keeps the cameras rolling!

In my opinion, President Trump should forget about the House funding the wall at all. He can easily have the Army Corps of Engineers build the wall and fund it from the existing defense budget. There! Border security! Forget about the anti-American Democrats! Done deal!

VIDEO: If you enjoy making liberals cry, you will love this! Lego-like “Build the Wall” kit from patriot retailer has liberals hiding under their beds

Conservative retailer Keep and Bear, ads for which you will find on this site, is marketing a Lego-like “Build the Wall” project kit that has sent liberals from sea to shining sea into spasmodic convulsions, terrified that children who play with the building blocks will become “racists.”

Survey says! 89% of Border Patrol agents want a border wall, completely contradicting a survey Democrats released a month ago

In a new survey, Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support President Trump’s border wall. They also support an end to the ridiculous “catch-and-release” policy.

Trump wins again! He totally hosed Congress by signing the Omnibus spending bill. Wall is funded, construction begins Monday

While Congress has been playing checkers, President Trump has been playing chess, and it appears he has outsmarted the career parasites on Capitol Hill again.

President Trump has announced his chosen method to force Mexico to pay for the wall

President Trump has announced his chosen method to force Mexico to pay for the border wall, and it is very much what I expected.

Immigration reform/border security: President Trump is using DACA deal as a carrot to force Dems to sign onto the border wall

I see no need to use DACA as a bargaining chip to build the wall when no Democrat cooperation has been needed to build it so far or in the future as long as the GOP enjoys majorities in both chambers of Congress. The more likely explanation is, “Oh, yeah, I had to soften on DACA to get the wall built.” Chalk it up to public relations!

BOOM! House Homeland Security Committee just passed legislation providing $10 billion for President Trump’s border wall

“We have been talking about border security for so many years and now we finally have a chance to get this done. We finally have a partner in the White House who has prioritized this issue. It’s time for Congress to do its part and get this done.”

He ain’t skeered! Facing a government shutdown if Democrats block funding for the wall, President Trump says, fund it or shut it down!

President Trump needs to get well ahead of this and make it clear that any government shutdown will be on the hands of congressional Democrats for not funding the border wall. His communications folks need to go into overdrive with the message that the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown.

VIDEO: Congressional Bozo proposes a second Statue of Liberty on the Mexican border instead of a wall

I do not oppose a second Statue of Liberty on our southern border. In fact, I would put it slap on top of President Trump’s very high, impenetrable wall so that it can be seen for miles.

House proposing $1.6 billion in September’s budget for border wall construction. Looking more like a done deal every day. Winning!

Mark Meadows said that if September’s budget does not include funding for the border wall, there WILL be a government shutdown. I think his message has gotten through.

House Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows says if border wall is not funded in September budget, the government will be shut down

President Trump’s border wall is going to happen and Paul Rino and his gang of crybaby Democrats had better get used to the idea.

VIDEO: With Mexican president sitting beside him, President Trump tells reporters Mexico is “absolutely” paying for the wall

Be sure to watch the second and third videos, below, of former Mexican President Vicente Fox. He says he is “not paying for that f*cking wall!” but you can tell in his heart he knows he is.

BOOM! Contractors are beginning prototype construction of President Trump’s border wall this summer

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will begin building prototypes of President Trump’s border wall along the Mexican border this summer.

VIDEO: GENIUS! President Trump is planning a border wall that is also a solar farm, generating $300 million dollars a year

Trump genius at work! Issue bonds to finance the border wall, bypassing Congress. Make it a solar farm to sell electricity to US and Mexican consumers, paying for itself.

Alabama Senator introduces bill to force sanctuary cities to pay for President Trump’s border wall

There are patriots at work searching out creative ways to pay for the wall. Check out Alabama Senator Luther Strange’s idea, forcing sanctuary cities to fund the wall.

Can you spot anything wrong in the pic (in the article) of Barack Hussein slamming Trump’s border wall?

To hell with the commoners in his audience and the American people. They are not members of the elite class. They deserve no wall for their own security.

This is the border wall Democrats funded for President Trump, who is applauding this flimsy “fence.” Major letdown

THIS (photo, above) is the existing border wall near Brownsville, Texas. A coyote with a torch can cut through one of the vertical supports in probably five minutes, allowing his clients to stroll right through to the promised land.

Mexico sounding desperate as the border wall looks more and more like a reality

I’m sure you can see why Louie V is worried. If we decide to tax those US to Mexico remittances 10%, that’s $2.5 billion every year going directly towards funding the wall. Boom! Mexico is paying for the wall.

“The wall gets built, 100%.” President Trump reaffirms his commitment to the border wall

If you listen to Congressional Democrats, Rinos and the mainstream media, the story line is that the wall is history, President Trump has given up. It will never happen. President Trump lied. President Trump is a joke.

Great idea! Ted Cruz is proposing paying for the border wall with El Chapo’s $14 billion fortune

El Chapo has a net worth of $14 billion. That should prove to any doubters out there just how serious America’s drug problem is and how porous our border.

VIDEO: Creepy Chucky Schumer demands, “It’s not a negotiation. No wall!” As if he can stop it

Nice try, Creepy Chucky. No matter how long you practice in the mirror being a real badass, you will always come off like a total wimp.

Border wall to begin by the end of summer

Among President Trump’s most significant campaign issues were border security and immigration control. Key to both was an impenetrable border wall to keep illegal aliens from simply walking or wading into the United States.

Pulling numbers from a place where the sun don’t shine, Democrats scream that Trump’s wall will cost $70 billion

They admit they pulled these numbers from a place where the sun don’t shine, but do not want that to get in the way of clobbering President Trump with the budget club.

Always poking President Trump in the eye, Paul Rino vows that Congress will withhold funding for the border wall

Now, Rino is saying that Congress will strip from the budget the funding President Trump is requesting for the first phase of his border wall.

Helping the President fight illegal immigration, civilian patriots are using webcams to monitor the border

Vigilante patriots from the 4Chan message board are using webcams to monitor our southern border.