Hilarious video! Charles Barkley on Smollett’s stupidity for writing a check to get beaten up. “If you are going to break the law, do not write a check. Get cash, man!”

Somewhere on my Top Ten list of people I would like to have dinner with, is former NBA star Charles Barkley. Just for the comedy. He is one funny dude! Basketball made him rich, but he may have missed his true calling, stand-up comedy, or in this case, sit-down comedy.

Conservative leaders’ letter to new AG Barr requesting a DOJ investigation of Facebook, Twitter, and Google for censorship against conservatives

Conservative leaders have joined Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell as signatories to a letter addressed to new Attorney General William Barr, requesting a DOJ investigation into the censorship of conservatives by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

More discrimination against conservatives: Microsoft extension advises advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump media sites like Powdered Wig. Share this!

Newsguard, like Snopes and SPLC, is nothing more than a partisan, dishonest, America-hating leftist tool that calls all pro-Trump sites “unreliable” while giving its green “reliable” check mark to the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Newsguard has advised advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump sites.

Though we all joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome, therapists have determined it is real, renaming it “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” Not kidding!

We the People, otherwise known collectively and individually as patriots, have been much amused by the wailing and whining of the liberal weenies as they drop to their knees and commence bawling like two-year-olds and swear empty promises to leave America forever. 

VIDEO: “Cluck You!” protest marks the reopening of Red Hen restaurant

There was also a small number of liberals present who somehow, contrary to the “love and tolerance for everyone” they claim ownership of, told reporters that they not only condoned Red Hen’s anti-American discrimination, but were in full support of it.

VIDEO: Juan Williams defends Peter Fonda’s criminal attack on Barron Trump. His most critical comment? Fonda’s tweets were “poorly worded”

I stopped watching Fox News on the night of August 6, 2015 when Megyn Kelly showed her ass and her hatred for Donald Trump. And I had been a Foxaholic. It was all I watched on TV. I have been […]

Funny! Watch MSNBC egghead slip-up and admit being a liberal Democrat tool, then try to backtrack to get back on the trail of lies and deceit

Looking every bit the smitten schoolgirl, interviewer Nicole Wallace then admitted that Heilemann was giving her a lump in her throat. Uh-huh. Open your eyes, Nicole, and you will see where that lump is coming from. John is servicing you like he is servicing your viewers.

While President Trump stood and sang the national anthem, a message projected onto the exterior of the stadium read, “F**K TRUMP”

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America projected “F**K TRUMP” onto the exterior of the stadium and tweeted,”Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and where the Democratic Socialists have an awesome projector like every day. (You’re not welcome in District 5 or anywhere else in ATL you orange fascist).”

YEP! Just as suspected, the Texas church mass murderer was a flaming LIBERAL sack o’ putrid skunk feces!

I now suspect that we will also find ties between Kelley and Antifa. We will watch closely how his the story unfolds and Kelley’s associations.

More love and compassion from the left. Liberal teacher praying that only “trumptards” were killed in Las Vegas. She is teaching our kids, folks!

More love, tolerance, and compassion from the left. Check out this liberal waste product who is praying that only “trumptards” were killed in Las Vegas.

SMOKING GUN! Secret memo from David Brock (Soros-funded Media Matters) implicates Google and facebook in takedown of Trump and right wing blogosphere

We in the right wing blogosphere talk among ourselves, and while we are certain that we have been the targets of liberal weenie Silicon Valley giants Google and fascistbook facebook over the past several months, we have been unable to able to prove it. Now we have a smoking gun, hard evidence, if not proof.

30 GOP Congressmen have either been attacked or received a death threat since the beginning of May

To Jason Chaffetz: “I suggest you prepare for the battle motherf**ker, and the apocalypse, because we are going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost.”

Wow! Dem Party official on hidden recorder regarding Steve Scalise: “I’m f*cking glad he got shot! I wish he was f*cking dead!”

A few of Montag’s more endearing comments regarding Steve Scalise…. “I hate that motherf*cker!” “I’m f*cking glad he got shot!” “I wish he was f*cking dead!”

VIDEO: The immoral arrest of Laura Loomer, violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments

They are not only condoning President Trump’s assassination in the name of art, they are supporting and promoting it out of sheer hatred.