VIDEO: Michelle Malkin bringing down the house at CPAC, slamming immigration, “the ghost of John McCain,” and fake patriots

Calling out Republicans who pay lip service to America’s very serious and growing immigration problems, Malkin called out retired House Speaker Paul Rino, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “the Bush family,” and even “the ghost of John McCain.”

Saying ‘hell no’ to migration as a human right, this country is the latest to back out of signing the UN migration pact

As the UN continues to shove unlimited, uncontrolled migration down the throats of hardworking people in developed nations across the globe, more national leaders are questioning the wisdom of the UN’s agenda regarding migration as a human right.

Guest author shines the glaring spotlight of truth on the most destructive force in 21st Century America: Endless legal immigration

We are told that these foreigners are filling positions that there are not enough trained Americans to fill. I actually find that argument to be repulsive. If that is the case, then why aren’t we building more medical schools to train our own children to fill those coveted, high-paying positions?

Poll: 80% of Americans want merit-based legal immigration, not chain migration

Why shouldn’t the United States have a right to say who comes into the country? If you listen to brain-dead liberal weenies like Lindsey Graham (Republican, my ass), he will tell you that America belongs to the world, so the whole world is welcome to come here.

President Trump wants to end chain migration and implement merit-based immigration. But what does that look like? Here is the perfect model

President Trump is proposing a merit-based immigration system as well as an end to chain migration, both noble goals. Ending chain migration is self-explanatory, but what does merit-based immigration look like? Australia has the perfect model.

Four of the six attendees present at the WH immigration meeting now confirm that the word ‘sh!thole’ was not used by President Trump

Four of those in attendance have affirmed that President Trump did not use the word “shithole” when referring to those countries. Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton have so affirmed as well as President Trump, and now DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Hypocrite Vicente Fox declares that President Trump’s mouth is “the foulest sh!thole in the world!”

Vicente Fox is all morally superior now, calling President Trump’s mouth “the foulest shithole in the world.” Hypocrisy much? It has been less than two years since Fox vowed that he was “not going to pay for that fucking wall!” in an interview with fellow Trump-hating racist Jorge Ramos.

DHS raids California ‘maternity hotels’ for birth tourists. US ‘anchor baby’ provision must be eliminated. Fix this, Congress!

Homeland Security agents swept into The Carlyle, a luxury property in Irvine, California, which housed pregnant women and new moms who allegedly forked over $40,000 to $80,000 to give birth in the United States.

ICE agents are irate at President Trump for allowing Obama holdovers to run the agency, making agents’ lives more dangerous and blocking enforcement

I don’t blame them. They should be upset with the President for allowing Obama holdovers to run the agency. President Trump should purge the holdovers immediately but I fear he doesn’t know there is a problem, as the Obama holdovers are not permitting news of the issue to get to him.

Interactive map showing the impact of immigration in the United States

If you watch carefully the LEGAL immigration coming from Mexico, it does not include ILLEGAL immigration, likely a much larger number than legal immigration. Mexico became America’s number one source of LEGAL immigration in 1960, 57 years ago.

I LIKE this guy! Classic don’t-miss video: Watch Policy Advisor Stephen Miller verbally bitchslap CNN’s Jim Acosta all over the press room

Miller: “Jim, that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said, and for you, that’s still a really…. The notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting.”

President Trump endorses a Senate bill that will curb legal immigration and improve the quality of legal immigrants

With illegal immigration on the decline, President Trump is now working to improve the quality of legal immigrants.

VIDEO: “Let all the migrants in,” they said. “It will be great,” they said. Not for these two docs whose throats were slit in their home Friday night

Doctors Richard Field and Lina Bolanos were murdered Friday night in their home in Boston because Judge Lisa A. Grant sentenced their killer, Bumpamim Teixeira, to a strategically lenient 364 days in jail.

One in four schoolchildren in the US is from an immigrant household. An astounding 87% of US population growth is from new arrivals and births to immigrants

At 42.4 million, there are now more immigrants, legal and illegal, in America than ever before, fueled by a massive flood from Muslim nations, and the growing numbers are substantially impacting public services.

Wow! Awesome video. Migrant scumbags pick the wrong white girl to sexually harass. Her boyfriend puts all four of them on the ground!

By Thomas Madison How To Defend Your Girlfriend 101. This is how you do it. Classic video! Make it go viral! I’m not sure where this happened. The title of the video is in Polish, but it sounds like the […]

Obama has ordered illegal immigrant applicants given priority over legal immigrants, who are forced to wait in line behind illegals for years

By William La Jeunesse, Fox News As illegal immigrants continue to seek legal status under President Obama’s executive actions, the waiting list to enter the United States legally grows longer, as does the waiting time for those in the pipeline. […]

VIDEO: What is happening in our country in the name of offering asylum to Muslim “refugees” is criminal! Our leaders are killing us!

Photo, above: Migrants rescued off the Italian coast By Thomas Madison What is happening in our country in the name of offering asylum to Muslim “refugees” is criminal. It is happening right under our noses, and we are paying for […]

The cost of uncontrolled immigration is destruction of the middle class. Survival means controlling and managing immigration

From Senator Jeff Sessions, as printed in The Washington Post It is time for an honest discussion of immigration. The first “great wave” of U.S. immigration took place from roughly 1880 to 1930. During this time, according to the Census […]

Trey Gowdy introduces legislation to destroy Barrack Hussein’s amnesty and significantly strengthen/enforce existing immigration law

From Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has introduced an immigration bill to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty and expedite the removal of criminal aliens from U.S. soil. Named after Michael Davis, Jr., a sheriff’s […]

Disgusting! King Barrack Hussein imported 300,000 Muslims into the US in 2013

From Pamela Geller The idea that America has better assimilated its Muslims than the UK and Europe is ridiculous on its face. It’s a matter of numbers. The only difference between the US and France, the UK and the rest […]