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VIDEO – Congressional sow Kirsten Gillibrand on President Trump: “Has he kept any of his campaign promises? “No. F*ck no!”

“Has he kept ANY of his promises?” Gillibrand asked. “No. F*ck no!” She then followed that with, “If we are not helping people we should go the f*ck home.”

VIDEO: Liberal weenie jokes about the rising suicide rate among white men as his audience of bleating sheep howls with laughter

Richard Focktmann is a former Maine candidate for Senate and a liberal weenie. At an event hosted by the Maine Democrat Party, Fochtmann joked about the rising suicide rate among white males, and his liberal weenie audience howled with laughter. […]

Ban cars, says a Swedish writer in response to recent terror attacks with automobiles. But, let’s not stop there. Lots of weapons need banning!

There you go! Men? Ban ’em! Give them the heave-ho. Line them up and force sex change operations on them. Who needs them anymore, since the invention of electricity and the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Steaming pile of liberal Drexel professor declares he wanted to “vomit” when “some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier”

George Ciccariello-Maher (he took his wife’s name at marriage, which is what I suppose men without penises do) was onboard a jetliner recently when a First Class passenger happily traded seats with a “uniformed soldier.”

Amazon #1 bestseller, chock full of the best “Reasons To Vote For Democrats”

A “must have” book for every liberal’s coffee table, as empty as his or her soul, Reasons To Vote For Democrats has shot to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list.

VIDEO: Best Picture Award at Oscars given to the wrong film. And we are supposed to respect these Trump-hating incompetents?

Hollywood leftist Snowflakes were basking in the spotlight, adorned in their finery and jewels, staring down their noses at We the People, the unwashed peasants in flyover country, who they imagine idolize them.

VIDEO: Wow! Watch Judge Jeanine interview this brain-dead liberal. You won’t believe what she says

Oh, my God! If you are on blood pressure medication, double dose an hour before watching this video.

Conservative small business owner to CNN, Bruce Springsteen, and all liberals: ‘We’ve had it with you idiots’

Kerwin has a message for CNN, ignorant liberals and Bruce Springsteen: “We’ve had it with you idiots.”

VIDEO: Assclown meltdown. Wisconsin liberal loses it as electors announce all ten of their votes for Donald Trump

Liberals have this crazy idea that whatever they believe is the way things are going to be. I think they have been conditioned to believe this over the course of the past eight years.

VIDEO: Hampshire College Prez is confronted by Fox News’ Jesse Watters on his decision to remove the US flag from campus. Wimpy Prez calls the cops

Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash has been excoriated across the country for his decision to remove the flag, which has angered many patriots, especially veterans

VIDEO: Very funny! SNL makes fun of liberal crybabies over the election, offers them life in “The Bubble,” a city of their own to escape to

Saturday Night Live poked a little fun at the leftist crybabies, offering them an alternative, The Bubble, a planned city of their own where everything is organic and everyone is fabulous.

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