VIDEO: Sad! Knee-jerk Kiwi politicians rush to ban firearms, making it easier for maniacs to kill and harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves

Newsflash to liberals: A deranged killer wants a gun, he will find a gun. Always! Illegal, unregistered guns are as easy to buy on the street as tomatoes at a farmer’s market. Making guns illegal accomplishes one thing: It takes the means of self-defense away from law-abiding citizens.

The deadliest school massacre in US history received very little attention because it wasn’t committed with a gun

As horrific as all of those monstrous slaughters of our innocent youngsters were, the deadliest school mass murder in US history is hardly known, the Bath School massacre in Michigan in 1927, during which not a single bullet was fired.

Hey, liberal weenies, wanna’ see where gun control leads? Look at Mexico. Tight gun control, outrageously high homicide rate

I remain perplexed by liberal weenies who cannot connect the dots between strict gun control and a defenseless population, sitting ducks for criminals who will always have guns regardless of how many laws are passed prohibiting them.

The knee-jerk reaction has spread to the right. GOP mega-donor demands gun control or no more money. Keep your money!

The expected knee-jerk ignorance has spread as gun control is now being demanded by prominent people on the right. A longtime Republican Party donor based in Florida vowed not to contribute any more money to candidates or electioneering groups until […]