Fascistbook is now banning speech by white nationalists (patriots who happen to be white), classifying it as “hate speech”

If you consider yourself an American patriot, you are now on notice that you have no First Amendment rights at Fascistbook. You can be banned at any time, as I was in October, 2018 for the crime of “violating community standards,” i.e., being an American patriot. Patriotism is not welcome in Silicon Valley. 

Russia didn’t work. Tax returns didn’t work. “Crazy” didn’t work. So, the liberal weenies are now calling the Trump admin “WHITE NATIONALISTS!”

However, “white nationalist” is not a temporary name for those of us who love America. No, no, no! It is who we are now, according to the Democrat Party and its official communications bureau, the mainstream media. It is who President Trump is now, as well as his staff.

The liberal mainstream media is now aiming to label all Trump supporters as “white nationalists,” a group that includes the KKK and neo-Nazis

I had never heard the term “white nationalist” before the Charlottesville tragedy. Suddenly, it is who I am. At least, according to the liberal media. I support President Trump. Therefore, I am a white nationalist.