Kimberly Guilfoyle comes to the aid of her boyfriend Donald Trump, Jr, physically defending him by stepping between him and a crazed Jewish protester who was trying to get to Trump, accusing him of anti-Semitism.

Security grabbed the lunatic and dragged him out of the venue before he could get onto the stage.

No doubt, Kimberly learned this protective maneuver keeping Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams apart on The Five.

I had originally posted the NBC video that the protester had posted to Twitter. But, now it is gone, nowhere to be found. Imagine that, NBC deleting a video showing a liberal asshat attacking the Trump family. So, I posted the video, above, to replace it.

Elon Glickman is the scumball who tried to keep Don Trump, Jr. from speaking freely. In Liberalville, only liberals are allowed to speak freely. Thus, as liberal weenies see it, Glickman’s First Amendment rights were violated because he was not allowed to shout down the guy who had paid for the microphone.

Glickman’s text in his original tweet: “Proud to have interrupted @DonaldJTrumpJr because he spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories that are killing American Jews and needs to be called out. They can drag me out, but I’ll never stop speaking up and fighting for Jewish people. Ever.”

Hey, Glickman, you are hurting Jewish people. You are a moron! Take a trip to Israel where they are naming buildings and streets after President Trump.