Virginia is the scariest state in the Union, by far, in my opinion. I am a native Virginian. I know of which I speak. No state is farther from the ideas and ideals of our Constitution than Virginia. How ironic is it that the author of our Constitution was a Virginian?

Presidents Jefferson and Madison are not rolling over in their graves watching what is happening today in their home state, they are wandering the grounds of their respective resting places at Monticello and Montpelier, screaming and tearing their hair out.

Watch as citizen George Wagner stands these two cops up and orders one off of his property. Wagner was seen taking photos of the Virginia Capitol, which tourists do all day, every day. Yet, somehow, George inspired a visit from the state police from over 100 miles away to ensure that he isn’t a member of ISIS, or even worse (in the eyes of the liberal authorities), an American patriot.

The police tell Wagner that they are there because he was seen at the Capitol conducting what appeared to be “pre-operational planning,” photographing the Capitol and knocking on its front porch pillars.


Wagner explained that he was knocking on the pillars to see if they were solid, as, being a builder, he has an interest in that sort of thing. As a former Virginia homebuilder myself, I can relate, and would very likely have done the same thing.

The creepy part of this story is that Wagner was apparently under surveillance for no good reason and his every move was suspect, being recorded, and demanded a visit by the Gestapo.