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DiGenova, Toensing: DOJ IG report is “explosive.” “It’s going to be very bad for people in the Obama administration.” “Worse than you can imagine!”

According to DiGenova and Toensing, the report is coming very soon and it is “explosive.” As to why it has taken so long, they explain that John Durham’s investigation into Russiagate and its origins, as well as hired gunslinger John Durham’s expanded power, have held up the release of DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report.

BOMBSHELL! Finally, a swamp rat, James Claptrapper, throws Barack Hussein under the bus! We did “what we were told to do by the president”

Sorry, Jim, no go. You are not absolved of wrongdoing because the devil told you to do it. If Barack Hussein had ordered you to commit murder and you did it, do you believe you would be innocent? You know better. But, thanks for finally telling the truth.