It is our goal to obtain 100,000 signatures on a We the People petition and present it to President Trump, urging him to begin an aggressive EMP defense program to protect America from this horrific and dire threat. Please read through the information below and watch the videos, and by all means, please provide your email address at the link provided at the bottom of this article so that we may stay in touch with you and obtain your signature on the petition when we have the necessary 100,000 signers. And, please share this article everywhere and with everyone you know. EMP defense is vital to America’s survival and we are currently unprotected.

It is mid-winter. You are driving home from a weekend skiing trip with your family. Your wife is asleep beside you as are your three children in the back seat. It is a clear, starlit night on an open highway anywhere in America.

There is a flash in the sky that appears to be distant lightning, which you find odd on such a clear night. Suddenly, your car loses power. You press the accelerator over and over. Nothing. You pull off the highway and pick up your phone to call AAA to tow your car to a garage. Your phone doesn’t work, even though you know it was fully charged.

Your wife wakes up and asks what is wrong. You say you don’t know and ask for her phone to call AAA. She hands it to you and it is also dead as are your children’s phones. It is freezing cold outside. There are no cars driving by. Every car on the highway is disabled, some pulled onto the shoulder, many in the traffic lanes, unable to move off of the roadway.

You tell your wife and children to remain calm, that you are going to try to find out what is going on. You raise the hood of your car and can see nothing abnormal in the dim light of your emergency flashlight. Another stranded motorist approaches and asks if you have any idea what has happened. You confess that you don’t. Another motorist approaches. None of you have a clue what has happened. You decide to walk together to the nearest town, five miles away. You are grateful that your family has ski gear to keep them warm. One poor man has no coat, only a sweatshirt.

Many people will freeze to death tonight, sitting in their cars on the highway, waiting for help that never comes.

Your wife wraps the baby up in the blanket you brought and you all begin the 5-mile trek to the nearest town. Along the way, you see no lights. There are no operable automobiles on the highway.  There are no emergency vehicles. There isn’t the usual light pollution from nearby towns and distant cities.

It takes two hours to reach the nearest town. Your children are crying and hungry. There are no lights in the town – no streetlights, no lights on at homes, most businesses appear to be closed. You find a convenience store that is open. Even though the store’s battery-powered emergency lighting system is on, the light is dim and leaves much of the store in the dark. You ask the cashier if she knows what is going on. She says that all utilities are shut down. Electricity, internet, natural gas heating systems, cell phones, even water and sewer are all shut down, all over town.

You take an armful of snacks to the register – beef jerky, potato chips, small cakes, and bottled water, and hand the cashier your credit card. She says she can’t take credit cards because the register isn’t working and there is no way to process the payment. She can only take cash and has no change. You give her $30 for approximately $27 in merchandise and she tells you to feel free to take another $3 in goods from the shelves. You tell your wife to stay put with the children, huddled on the floor of the convenience store, while you go to the local police station to seek assistance.

A few residents are roaming the street trying to determine what has happened and what to do about it. When you arrive at the police station you notice several disabled police cars in the parking lot. Only the dispatcher is in the building. Like everyone else, she is waiting for the restoration of utilities. She cannot communicate with police officers, all on the street, on foot, dealing with far more emergencies than they are equipped to handle at once. A police officer comes in to pick up an AR-15, claiming that there is an armed, marauding gang on the streets, going house to house, business to business, robbing everyone they find and taking whatever they want. You ask if he knows what has happened. He says he isn’t sure, that all communications are out.

While you were at the police station, the armed gang came into the convenience store, pried the cash draw open with a crowbar, emptying the contents into a shopping bag, then shot and killed the cashier, and took all they wanted from the shelves. When you arrive, the gang is gone and your children are terrified and screaming hysterically.

Does this sound like a nightmare scenario work of fiction?

The scenario described above is a fictional snapshot of one family’s experience during the first three hours of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, a threat that is not at all fiction, a catastrophe-in-waiting that is very real and from which America is shamefully unprotected.

As you can see, the first three hours of such a disaster are terrifying. Can you imagine the next twelve hours, the next day, the next week, month, or even year? In the case of an actual EMP attack, the horror is almost unimaginable. Food and water in grocery stores is gone in two days, total anarchy, little to no emergency services, no electricity, no communication, no heat, no running water, no banking, innocent people become the victims of armed gangs who rob, rape, and murder indiscriminately.

Welcome to the Stone Age! If our fictional family survives the EMP crisis, they are projected in real-life to be among the 10% of survivors in an actual EMP attack on America. That’s right, experts project that 300 million Americans could perish in an EMP attack.

What is EMP?

EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that can be of man-made or solar origin, neither of which America is protected from nor prepared for.

A solar EMP event is a sun flare or sun storm, a naturally-occurring, abnormally large emission of electromagnetic energy from the sun. We have experienced several of these events over the course of history, but none that were large enough to be life-threatening on a massive scale. It is only a matter of time before that event occurs. Why are we waiting for a massive disaster to occur before preparing ourselves? It is nothing short of stupid and our elected leaders are to blame!

An EMP attack is a far greater threat, more immediately predictable and catastrophic, and We the People are unprotected! An EMP attack would involve a low-yield nuclear explosion many miles above the earth. At an altitude of 300 miles above the surface of the central United States, an EMP explosion would reach and disable nearly all of North America (image, above).

Our electric grid is especially vulnerable to an EMP event. Everything electronic will cease to operate, their microchips fried in the first few seconds of the event. Public utilities such as water and sewer, natural gas, cable, and telephone will all be shut down, their control systems run by sophisticated electronics that have been disabled.

Dr. Peter Pry is the foremost expert in the EMP threat arena. A former CIA intelligence officer who leads the Task Force on National And Homeland Security, he has also served on numerous congressional advisory groups concerning national security issues and is the author of EMP Manhattan Project as well as many other books on the subject. According to Dr. Pry, an EMP event “could wipe out not only our electric grid, but anything with a computer chip in it, sending the U.S. back to the 1850s. Within a year after grid failure, the EMP Commission tells us that 9 out of 10 Americans will succumb to dehydration, starvation, gang and other violence, murder, suicide, breakdown of society and diseases.”

Rogue nations like North Korea and Iran are the most likely perpetrators of an EMP attack against the United States. With the assistance of terrorist organizations, they could easily launch an advanced Scud missile from just off of the coast of the United States from aboard an apparently harmless cargo ship, or even smuggle the parts piecemeal into the country for reassembly and launch from land.

Also, Iran may possess the capability to conduct an EMP attack via satellite. Ambassador Hank Cooper was President Reagan’s chief negotiator at the Defense and Space Talks with the Soviet Union and also Director of Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) during the George H.W. Bush administration.

“It should be noted that Iran launched last year satellites that could carry a lightweight “Super-EMP” weapon that they may have learned how to build from the Russians via their joint programs with North Korea,” Cooper said. “And these satellites were launched to the south from Iran—they approached the United States from the south.  Our missile defense systems are deployed to counter missiles approaching us from the ‘north.’ We are vulnerable to EMP attacks from the south.”

Is it coincidence that Iran deployed its satellites to our unprotected south instead of our protected north?

Bottom line: The threat is real, dire, and could occur at any time.

“Failure of imagination”

Regarding 9/11, experts claim that our unpreparedness for that abominable 2001 attack was due to a “failure of imagination.” Our leaders simply could not imagine jetliners being used as high-powered weapons to kill thousands of innocent Americans. Thus, we were totally unprepared for the attack. How easy would it have been to simply harden airplane cockpit doors prior to 9/11? If our leaders could only have imagined and prepared for it, the most gruesome and costly attack on America would have been averted.

So, too, an EMP attack. Iran’s leaders have openly declared “Death to America” and continue their nuclear weapons program. North Korea has not only an EMP capability, but a super-EMP capability. Russia has warned the United States that Kim Jong-un has hired Russian nuclear engineers to build super-EMP weapons.

According to Dr. Pry, “We were told by the Russians that their technology leaked to North Korea.  We were visited in 2004 by a delegation of Russian generals—two of their top EMP experts.  That was the first time I had ever heard them admit leakage of technology to third world bad guys.  They told us proactively ‘we have bad news.  We developed this super EMP weapon, and during the post-Cold War brain drain, some of our scientists went to North Korea’…They thought within a few years, North Korea could develop a super EMP weapon. The South Korean military intelligence came up with same conclusion – that Russian scientists were in North Korea developing their weapons.”

We also know that North Korea has an ICBM capable of reaching the United States, perhaps as far east as Chicago. North Korea and Iran are also sharing nuclear technology.

President Trump is aware of our EMP vulnerability and has issued an executive order, directing departments and agencies within the executive branch to identify the vulnerabilities within their own agencies and to implement solutions to fix the problem. My fear is that with all of the distractions President Trump is faced with daily, his department chiefs are going to do what all department chiefs in the past have done – nothing!

Link to President Trump’s executive order on EMP defense…. Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

How do we fix the problem?

Electrical and electronic devices today are ubiquitous, pervasive, they are a part of almost everything we do. As we have become increasingly dependent upon those devices, we have neglected to protect them from an EMP attack, even though it has been a well-known threat for many decades. Failure of imagination! EMP protection should be mandatory on every new electronic device sold in the United States, in my opinion. Now we can only retrofit those devices to make them “EMP-proof,” which is not difficult or expensive.

John Kappenman is a prominent EMP expert and a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and DOD concerning the risks and costs of EMP events to the electric grid.

“The industry has badly miscalculated the risks that are posed by these disturbance and attack scenarios.  That’s a serious problem,” Kappenman declares. “It is perhaps the largest natural disaster scenario that could occur to modern-day society.  It’s also the largest terror attack scenario that the country could possibly be exposed to as well.”

Regarding the necessity to be able to respond quickly to an EMP event, Kappenman continues, “I care about the availability to bring the system back rapidly in a few days at most – if we can’t do that, we see the potential for lots of innocent lives being lost, perhaps within the matter of just a few weeks, more than all of the wars this country has fought in its history.”

Kappenman believes that hardening as many as 2,000 electrical transformers will shield the entire American electric grid from failure due to an EMP event, and the cost of only one billion dollars will equate to $1 per electric customer per year. It is beyond shameful that this has not been done already. The issue has been electric companies not wanting to eat the cost and our federal government not requiring them to. Thus, you and I and our families remain unprotected. Negligence of the most egregious sort!

How you can help

Surely, you can now see the urgent need for an EMP defense program. America is unprotected from an attack that will kill 90% of our population. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to ensure them a safe and secure future. For less than the amount America spends annually on foreign aid, we can harden our critical electrical and electronic infrastructure and devices against an EMP attack that our enemies are capable of today and will certainly carry out at some point. Why give them the opportunity?

As stated in the first paragraph, above, it is our goal to obtain 100,000 signatures on a We the People petition. 100,000 signatures is the minimum necessary to get our petition to President Trump. We are allowed 30 calendar days to obtain those 100,000 signatures. Thus, we ask that you provide your name, email address, city, and state at our website HERE (it takes about ten seconds). From there we will keep you posted on our progress and when we have reached 100,000 sign-ups on our website, we will kick off the petition drive and ask that you sign the petition so that we can get it to President Trump, who we will insist immediately implement an EMP defense program. We believe he will do it without hesitation. As it is a matter of national security, he has the constitutional authority to do it with the stroke of a pen.

EMP defense is critically important to the futures of our children and grandchildren and our handing down to them a safe and secure America. Please share this everywhere, especially Facebook and Twitter, and with everyone you know.

Again, please sign up at our website, Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

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