President Trump doesn’t want the impeachment circus to go away. He is enjoying it. He knows the miserable excuses for human beings on the left side of the aisle have nothing and never did. All they have been trying to do is build public support for a political character assassination in hopes that they could unseat this duly elected president.

It didn’t work.

The Democrats are fully cognizant of the fact that if their final Trump card fails and they don’t succeed in impeaching President Trump, then he and Bill Barr will have four more years to find out what happened in 2016, and more importantly, what happened before that with the massive corruption that is coming to light between Democrat politicians, their families and friends, and Ukraine.

So, the momentum has shifted. The Democrats are now at that “Oh, shit!” moment. They can quietly end it all or proceed with an impeachment vote, which may not succeed, given the number of Democrat House members who are now receiving scathing criticism back home for their participation in this theater of the absurd.

President Trump wants to force the vote, and he hopes it succeeds and moves the carnival to a Senate impeachment trial where the Republicans will have, unlike the unjust House proceeding, full due process rights afforded to all Americans except Donald Trump, including the right to call witnesses.

In a Fox and Friends telephone interview Friday morning, President Trump was asked who his top three choices for witnesses would be. Without hesitation, he named Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, and the no-longer-mysterious whistleblower.

That would be great fun and would cost the Democrats many more millions of 2020 votes. What could be better than that?

In my Thanksgiving prayer, I offer a special thank you to the Democrat Party for destroying themselves. And the real fun is just beginning.

From Daily Caller

President Donald Trump confirmed Friday that he would like to see an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, and indicated that he would call on Hunter Biden, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower to testify.

The president reportedly met with Senate Republicans on Thursday and the group agreed that the Senate would hold a trial if the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump. Trump confirmed the news during a phone interview with Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning, and gave his three picks for who should testify.

“Well there’s only one person I want more than ‘Where’s Hunter,’” the president said, referring to his nickname for Hunter Biden, “and that is Adam Schiff.”

“I want to see Adam Schiff testify about the whistleblower, who is a fake whistleblower,” Trump asserted.

The president criticized Schiff for reading a fabricated version of his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and for allowing his staffers to speak to the anonymous whistleblower before that individual filed his or her complaint.

Trump also called on the whistleblower to testify and asserted that “everybody” knows the whistleblower’s identity, but declined to name that person on air.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., caused an uproar several weeks ago when he shared a news article from RealClearPolitics that purported to identify the whistleblower.