Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger took Republican Dave Brat’s congressional seat last year. She, and many other Democrats in Congress, could be in big trouble come November as their constituents are not exactly thrilled with the Democrat impeachment circus, which has been nothing more than a partisan abuse of power to remove a sitting president for no reason.

The Democrats know they will never beat Donald Trump at the polls in the 2020 Presidential Election, so they are playing their last card, call it the Trump card, to find some way, any way, to drum up public support to remove President Trump from office before he can be reelected.

It isn’t working, and the Democrats now look like that which they are – inept fools.

Watch the video below as Spanberger’s constituents attack her for her part in the impeachment of President Trump, which proves that everyday Americans who Democrats look down their noses at are far smarter than the Democrats give them credit for and they see the Democrat impeachment circus for what it is, a shameful burlesque and completely unjust process.

“The allegations against the president are incredibly, incredibly serious,” instructed Spanberger to her constituents, which inspired one to exclaim loudly, “Incredible bullshit! It’s crap,” adding, “It’s a lie, it’s all lies!”

Apparently believing she was speaking to third-graders, Spanberger doubled down, “No one has dispelled or attempted to dispell or provided evidence that would exonerate the president,” prompting another constituent to declare, “He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Poor, clueless Democrats. They remind me of Wiley Coyote, doing everything possible to destroy the Roadrunner, only to wind up every time with an anvil on their diseased heads.

Spanberger has a formidable challenger for her seat come November. Nick Freitas is an ex-Army Green Beret and I expect he will win handily over Spanberger.