Straight from the desk of GMAFB, we bring you this politically correct list of demands from a group of special interest students, LGBTQXYZ, in this case, at the University of Notre Dame, where student activists are demanding the removal of white male authors from the school’s curriculum in an effort to “decolonize” the university. “Diversifying the canon,” claims the group, “helps eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.”

Not kidding!

“We demand that people who are of Color, Indigenous, Black, queer, or not male,” insists the cultural revisionists, “are represented in the authorship of at least half course and major required readings.”

Translation: To hell with the quality of our curriculum and its required readings. It is the race, gender, and sexual orientation of the authors that matter.

In addition, the group demands the university confess and publicly condemn itself and its founder, the Catholic Church, for stealing Indian land to establish the prestigious institution, insisting that the university and Church confess to “the violence of colonialism and Catholic evangelization that led to Notre Dame’s existence on this Pokagon and Potawatomi land.”

This is ignorant and reprehensible revisionist history that should be denounced and ignored. Nothing could be further from the truth regarding the origin of Notre Dame which was founded when Potawatomi leader Pokagon traveled to Detroit in 1830 to request the Catholic Church establish a mission and orphanage in northwest Indiana for the benefit of his people. The Church and the Potawatomi worked together to establish the mission, which grew into present-day University of Notre Dame. The Catholic Church, Chief Pokagon, and the Potawatomi people enjoyed a very friendly and mutually beneficial relationship always. Haters of white people and America want to rewrite the true history.

From Breitbart

According to a report by The College Fix, a student activist group at the University of Notre Dame called “End Hate at ND” is demanding that the university drastically rewrite course curriculum because they believe it currently features too many works by white authors.

The student activist group published a list of demands to their Instagram page. The students demanded that the curriculum be revised so that the works of minority authors account for at least 50 percent of required readings.

Cultural competence is key in building empathy for marginalized folks. No course or program of study should have a view limited to white, western, and/or male voices. We demand that people who are of Color, Indigenous, Black, queer, or not male are represented in the authorship of at least half course and major required readings. Diversifying the canon helps eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship. Everyone should see themselves represented in coursework.

The students are also protesting against rules that prevent students of the opposite sex from spending the night in each other’s dorm room. The practice, which is called “parietals,” forces students to end visits with students of the opposite sex at midnight on weeknights and 2:00 a.m. on weekends. Student protesters contend that the practice enforces a sense of “heteronormativity” that propagates “homophobia” on campus.

Patrick Reilly of the National Catholic Register published a column on the fight against “parietals” at Notre Dame on Friday. Reilly makes the case that ending this tradition of limiting opposite-sex visitation time would be a “disaster.”

“Even more, Notre Dame should consider further limiting nighttime visitation and insisting on open doors when someone of the opposite sex is present,” Reilly wrote. “Even better, the university would provide sufficient meeting spaces for students in other buildings and end opposite-sex visitation to dorm rooms altogether.”