Chris Wallace: “Do you think our enemies are emboldened by Trump’s impeachment?” Mike Pompeo’s 5-word answer is one for the Hall of Fame

A couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence followed as Wallace picked himself up off the floor. 

Public Service Announcement: Be prepared! DHS issues severe warning that US electric grid is a ‘prime target’ and under ‘profound threat’ of terrorist attack

A final word of advice: Do NOT depend on the government. You are on your own now. Be prepared! Your family is depending on it.

President Trump is denying $255 million in military aid to Pakistan for not doing enough to combat terror within its own borders

A quarter of a billion dollars. That is what Pakistan is losing because its leaders symbolically thumbed their noses at President when he demanded they do more to fight terror within their own borders.

Hilarious video: New York Italian’s rant regarding Cuomo’s and DeBlasio’s gross incompetence in keeping New Yorkers safe from terrorism

Regarding the secret terror watch list, Rubino joked,”Why isn’t this list posted all over the place? Why is it a secret? There’s only like 200 people on it. The list of who bangs your sister is longer than that. It should be in every bodega. It should be on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium. Everybody should know!”

A Muslim Imam, who is also an expert in counterterrorism, offered to identify radical islamists for NYC Mayor De Blasio. De Blasio ignored him

This Muslim Imam sounds like one of the good guys who could be very helpful in reforming the “religion of peace” and helping win the war on terrorism. If only those in positions of power and authority would listen to him.

SATIRE! SATIRE! SATIRE! VIDEO: CNN refused to identify the NY bike path terrorist, so we have done it for them. You will be shocked!

Therefore, based upon the information we have so far, we can confirm with the greatest certainty that the terrorist was a southern, conservative, Christian redneck of the Amish faith, and clearly a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Terrorist who plotted to behead Pamela Geller convicted, facing life in prison

Jurors found David Wright guilty of all charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries. The 28-year-old faces up to life in prison.

Piers Morgan: “Trump was RIGHT about letting in poorly vetted refugees who repay Britain’s kindness with blind hate and bombings”

Now back home in gloomy old England, the very real threat of Islamic terrorism is nudging Piers ever so gently to the philosophical right. No, Piers has not come out and declared that everyone should own a gun, but he has said that President Trump is right with his Muslim travel ban.

CA prof teaching students that most terrorists are white, male, conservative Christians a few weeks before a Muslim goes on a campus stabbing spree

Now, I can’t swear as to the religion of the stabber, but his name was Faisal Mohammad, so I feel pretty safe declaring that he was not a Baptist.

Terrorists are using YouTube to recruit, inspire, and train jihadis to commit acts of terror and martyrdom and YouTube is doing little to stop it

However, if you would like to post a video to YouTube denouncing terrorism and its source, radical Islam, be prepared to have your video flagged for deletion. Gotta’ be PC!

400 specially-trained ISIS fighters are awaiting orders to carry out terror attacks in waves across Europe

Waves of multiple, coordinated terror attacks could be carried out across Europe beginning at any time by an army of specially-trained suicide jihadis believed to already be in Europe and awaiting orders.

Mahmoud Abbas is the latest Muslim leader to condemn terrorism, unless of course it is against Israeli Jews, which he encourages

Is Abbas lying? Nah, a Muslim would never do that, right? Or has he experienced an epiphany, suddenly recognizing the pain and horror caused to innocent people by Muslim zealot whackjobs?

UNBELIEVABLE! Police at London Bridge during the terrorist attack ran away while innocent people were being murdered

I know unarmed police makes perfect, politically-correct sense to bleeding heart progressives in jolly old England, but let’s face it, to normal people it is stupid!

BREAKING! More love from the religion of peace. London Bridge terrorist death toll up to 7.

Finally ditching political correctness, Ms. May declared that the recent terrorist acts in the UK “are bound together by the single, evil ideology of Islamist extremism.”

BREAKING! Egyptian airstrikes are blasting terror camps in Libya following bus massacre of Egyptian Coptic Christians

“I direct my appeal to President Trump: I trust you, your word and your ability to make fighting global terror your primary task.”

BREAKING! Just an hour ago a bus attack in Egypt left 28 Coptic Christians slaughtered in the name of Islam

Another day, another massacre of Christians slaughtered in the name of Islam. This time the victims were Coptic Christians in Egypt on a bus traveling to a monastery.

UK gov’t harbored terrorist group linked to Manchester massacre which was supported by Obama, Hillary, and McCain

The photo, above, shows John McCain shaking hands with and presenting a gift to the leader of the terrorist organization in Libya which now linked to the Manchester massacre.

Terrorism persists because it works. The weaker we are, the more it works

Thus it is with terrorism. Terrorists achieve their goals by committing horrific acts of mass murder. Cloaked in the language of the Quran as a front, the goal is almost always money.

Europe’s cowardly leaders are “SHOCKED” by the Manchester massacre. Really? You thought appeasement would tame Islam? STUPID!

No matter how many times Muslim terrorists smack the good people of Europe in the mouth, Europe’s cowardly leaders strut to the nearest microphone, claiming to be shocked and horrified.

UPDATE: First hand reports of the carnage in Manchester terror attack that killed 22. A 23-year-old man has been arrested

“That sound, the blood and those who were running around clueless with body parts and bits of skin missing will not be leaving my mind anytime soon or the minds of those involved.”

Two huge explosions at Ariana Grande concert, Manchester, England. Many dead, many more injured. All the markings of a terrorist attack.

Explosions at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England caused a “number of confirmed fatalities and others injured,” police said late Monday.

Pakistani pleads guilty to smuggling illegal immigrants into the US from terrorist countries

Border Patrol has found Qurans, Muslim prayer rugs, and Urdu-to-English dictionaries in the desert along the Mexican border.

BREAKING! Shouting Allahu Akbar, black Muslim shoots, kills three white men in CA. Random act of violence, police say. Really?

Three white men were shot and killed after a black man shouting “Allahu akbar” went on a shooting rampage Tuesday afternoon in Fresno, California before being taken into custody. The killer calls himself “Black Jesus.”

VIDEO: Hamas practicing a fake disaster with bodies (watch them move) lined up for the cameras

This must be Hamas’ third string lying ass terror group. The pros know that if you want great optics and sensationalism to really rile up the gullible infidels, you must include itty bitty children, the more, the better.

Screaming “Allahu Akbar,” a Muslim intruder in Paris stabbed an elderly Jewish woman, then threw her from her apartment window to her death

An elderly Jewish lady in Paris was stabbed several times by a radicalized Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar, then thrown to her death from her third story apartment window into the street below.

More than 30,000 illegal immigrants from Middle East terrorist countries have disappeared and are on the loose in the United States

31,725 illegal immigrants from terrorist countries entered the US, received deportation orders and disappeared, many skipping their deportation hearings. These individuals are still on the loose in the US today as far as authorities know.

BREAKING! VIDEO: At least ten killed in Russian train explosions in what appears to be terrorism

Two explosions killed at least ten people on two train carriages at metro stations in St. Petersburg, Russia this morning, all signs thus far pointing to terrorism.

VIDEO: Obama admin FBI agent instructed Garland terrorists to “Tear up Texas.” Agent was present at the attack, watched it happen, did nothing to subdue the shooters, just drove away

The biggest surprise of all. The undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi when they started shooting.

Buh-bye! Jew-hating Feminazi terrorist who led the Women’s March is having her citizenship stripped and being deported

Remember Rasmea Odeh, the Jew-hating feminist hosebag who led the Women’s March? It turns out she is a terrorist and is being deported from the United States for lying on her immigration docs.