2009: White House comedian hopes Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys fail while Barack Hussein and his audience of liberal lapdogs laugh and laugh

Watch, in the video below as Sykes wishes kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh. And the roomful of trained seals clap and bark, clap and bark. And a wonderful time is had by all.

LOL! Chris Matthews tweets that President Trump is “frantic.” The Twitter responses are not kind and gentle!

I’m not seeing anything frantic at all in the president’s behavior. On the contrary, he seems to be very relaxed, calm, collected, jovial, and definitely at peace with where he is and who he is, unlike Mr. Matthews, who, if I can think of one word that best describes his on-air desperate tirades, it would be “frantic.”

Though we all joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome, therapists have determined it is real, renaming it “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” Not kidding!

We the People, otherwise known collectively and individually as patriots, have been much amused by the wailing and whining of the liberal weenies as they drop to their knees and commence bawling like two-year-olds and swear empty promises to leave America forever. 

One of the top reasons I love being a Texan. Drum roll, please. And the Patriot Award for America’s best billboard goes to….

When Barack Hussein was in the White House, conservatives were none too happy about it, but they endured without resorting to the childish behavior of today’s liberal Democrats, and some of that behavior is downright criminal, like cowardly Peter Fonda’s recent threats.

VIDEO: Kanye West – “I do love Donald Trump.” Longtime acquaintance of the superstar rapper admits Kanye told him that

The man we are talking about is Kanye West. He is all of those things, except he is apparently not a close-minded liberal weenie, regardless of his Hollywood, celebrity, bazillionaire credentials. He escaped somehow. He is an American, an open-minded, freethinking American who does not follow crowds. He is a patriot.

Liberal weenies from sea to shining sea are gearing up for a big weekend of rioting, property damage, and physical assault, or as they call it, “protesting”

A leaked email from a Democrat member of the House indicates that the wheels are in motion to mobilize dweebs, geeks, Trump-haters, and anyone else who wants to crack a few heads and burn a dumpster or two this weekend.

If you like watching liberal weenies make fools of themselves, you will LOVE this composite video of them mocking President Trump’s tough talk on N. Korea

For their own benefit, God endowed stupid people with the inability to realize they are stupid. It’s a survival mechanism. Thus, stupid people will say stupid things all day, every day and never understand the looks of pity from those to whom they are speaking.

LMAO! Poor snowflake Alyssa Milano is spending New Year’s Eve “curled up in the fetal position” because she read President Trump’s Twitter feed

Precious snowflake Alyssa Milano admits that she made the horrible mistake of visiting President Trump’s Twitter page and reading his tweets over the past few days, enough star-spangled America First to make any liberal weenie cry like a baby and start sucking his or her thumb.

VIDEO: Liberal Trump-hater Jimmy Kimmel plays holier-than-thou, but watch him solicit women on the street to feel his crotch

“America’s Conscience?” Really? Remember Kimmel and his role on “The Man Show, where he once put an object in his pants and asked young women on the street to feel his crotch and guess what the object was.

Peas in a pod. ISIS and liberal weenie Democrats are begging Irma to “destroy America” and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

While ISIS is praying to Allah for Trump’s and America’s destruction, liberal weenie Democrats are praying to no one in particular, as they worship no one but themselves.

Democrat congressman arrested for protesting outside the White House

Anyone having ever seen Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez speak knows what I am talking about. You wonder when he is going to blow a gasket. His eyes bulge and his jugular veins practically jump out of his neck. The guy looks totally unhinged, about to go postal.

Wow! Dem Party official on hidden recorder regarding Steve Scalise: “I’m f*cking glad he got shot! I wish he was f*cking dead!”

A few of Montag’s more endearing comments regarding Steve Scalise…. “I hate that motherf*cker!” “I’m f*cking glad he got shot!” “I wish he was f*cking dead!”

Leading libs just held a convention to decide if they should destroy President Trump from inside the government or outside

Liberal weenies are meeting this week to determine if it is more effective to destroy the Trump presidency from inside the government or from outside. That is “sedition,” is it not?