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VIDEO: Joy Behar says Democrats are too nice – “F*ck the kumbaya! These people on that side are crazy. You don’t deal with white supremacists!”

Behar’s most recent public Trump hatefest was appearing with Bill Maher and Van Jones on Maher’s HBO program “Real Time with Bill Maher” to discuss, of course, how awful President Trump is and how stupid We the People who voted for him are.

VIDEO: Liberal Trump-hater Jimmy Kimmel plays holier-than-thou, but watch him solicit women on the street to feel his crotch

“America’s Conscience?” Really? Remember Kimmel and his role on “The Man Show, where he once put an object in his pants and asked young women on the street to feel his crotch and guess what the object was.

Peas in a pod. ISIS and liberal weenie Democrats are begging Irma to “destroy America” and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

While ISIS is praying to Allah for Trump’s and America’s destruction, liberal weenie Democrats are praying to no one in particular, as they worship no one but themselves.

Democrat congressman arrested for protesting outside the White House

Anyone having ever seen Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez speak knows what I am talking about. You wonder when he is going to blow a gasket. His eyes bulge and his jugular veins practically jump out of his neck. The guy looks totally unhinged, about to go postal.

Wow! Dem Party official on hidden recorder regarding Steve Scalise: “I’m f*cking glad he got shot! I wish he was f*cking dead!”

A few of Montag’s more endearing comments regarding Steve Scalise…. “I hate that motherf*cker!” “I’m f*cking glad he got shot!” “I wish he was f*cking dead!”

Leading libs just held a convention to decide if they should destroy President Trump from inside the government or outside

Liberal weenies are meeting this week to determine if it is more effective to destroy the Trump presidency from inside the government or from outside. That is “sedition,” is it not?

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