Has anyone else noticed Barron Trump’s growth spurt? He is 13 years old and about 6’6″ now. Holy cow! Are you watching, NBA?

Have you noticed Barron the Beanstalk walking around with his mom and dad, who happen to be on the tall side themselves? At 13-years-old, Barron looks to be about three inches taller than his father, President Trump, who is 6′ 3″ tall, and towers above Mama Melania, who is 5′ 11′.

Liberal weenies attack Barron Trump for his T-shirt and popular toy

Rising from their sewers to attack the 11-year-old son of President Trump, then promptly returning whence they came, liberal weenies everywhere have been in full-on attack mode.

SNL writer who called Barron Trump a ‘homeschool shooter’ has been suspended ‘indefinitely. In Trumpspeak…. “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Independent Journal Review can confirm that at least one of the high profile personality who mocked Barron has been “suspended indefinitely” from her job at NBC. (in Trumpspeak…. “YOU’RE FIRED!)