Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul is urging President Donald Trump to revoke John Bolton’s security clearance immediately.

I liked John Bolton in the beginning. But he seemed to be given to pouting spells if his advice was not taken, and often his hawkish advice was ill-advised where cooler heads prevailing was a more prudent course of action.

Why does Bolton even have a security clearance? He is no longer in the government, thus no longer has a “need to know.”

Having held a Top Secret security clearance my entire time on active duty as an Army officer, I can attest to the fact that requirement #1 in accessing classified information is “need to know.” Even if you have a Top Secret security clearance, if you do not possess a “need to know” the classified information, then you can and will be denied access.

“No one, especially not John Bolton, should be able to use their security clearance for profit!” Rand tweeted. “I say revoke his clearance now ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩.”