Rush Limbaugh, often referred to as the Godfather of the conservative movement, and who I call our generation’s Thomas Paine, has announced that he has Stage 4 lung cancer.

When AM radio was dying, Rush brought it back to life with his daily radio talk show and the dozens of competitors he inspired to follow his lead.

Rush: “I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions back on January 20th…. and I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, and I thought about not telling anybody. I thought about trying to do this without anybody knowing…. but, there are going to be days that I am not going to be able to be here.”

Predictably, the self-proclaimed loving and tolerant liberal horde is cheering the news, wishing Rush a long and painful demise. Pure scum from hell!

Although the survival rate for Stage 4 lung cancer is less than 10%, I’m praying that Rush beats the odds and is among that minority. Without Rush, the conservative movement will have lost a tremendous voice and inspirational leader.

Goodspeed, Rush!