Budweiser has always had a way of promoting American exceptionalism with its Super Bowl commercials, and this year is no different.

On a day when America’s two best professional football teams compete for the world championship in a uniquely American sport, Budweiser waxes a bit sarcastic, parodying the standard “ugly American” portrayals common across Europe, especially from the French who are especially critical of Americans. To the French, we are considered boorish, rude, crude, unsophisticated, and ill-bred.

Mind you, these condescending disparagements are made while the French countryside is peppered with American military cemeteries where lie tens of thousands of American soldiers who voluntarily gave the last full measure of devotion that the French would remain free. There are many more thousands of American soldiers in private French cemeteries and mass graves that are being discovered yet today.

In its commercial, entitled “Typical Americans,” Budweiser makes the point that “typical” Americans are not typical at all, but rather, exceptional and as uniquely prodigious in the world today as we have ever been.

In the words of a crusty, old football coach I once knew, “They say football is a contact sport. Not true. Dancing is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport!” And, uniquely American, showcasing brute power, speed, quickness, and athleticism. Typical Americans!


Of course, there is always that disgusting element who hate everything pro-American….

My tweet, above, was in response to AnneMarie’s tweet taking the opportunity of the commendable Budweiser commercial to complain about the children of illegal aliens being detained until their identity can be established. It seems her tweet has disappeared. Imagine that!