Too funny! With a straight face, Princess Lying Dog tells a reporter that lying to the American people should be a disqualification for running for president

I am hoping that Liz Warren wins the Democrat nomination for one reason. I look forward to her debating President Trump, who I recommend wears an Indian headdress. He doesn’t have to say anything, just wear the headdress for the entire debate. The audience will be rolling in the aisles and will not hear a word Princess Lying Dog has to say.

Liz Warren’s Native American claims will not go away. Now a fresh investigation raises more questions

It’s the joke that won’t go away. Reports are that Warren scored a sweet gig at Harvard, teaching one class for $350,000 a year due to her Native American heritage claim. 

Elizabeth Warren, whose Indian name is Lying Ass Squaw, ignited a twitterfire when she slammed President Trump for his global warming joke

President Trump is at it again, using his favorite social media platform to trigger liberal weenies, sending them into convulsive seizures. I’m convinced that he does it for fun. I can see him sitting on a gold plated toilet in the White House cracking up over liberal weenie, foaming-at-the-mouth tweets on his phone

VIDEO: Descendant of the actual Pocahontas is a YUGE Trump supporter: “Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, Donald Trump is going to be our hero”

The whole issue is silly. President Trump is making fun of a lying, scheming, liberal piece of livestock feces who exploited the entire native American race for money! President calls her out for that and who do the liberal weenies and the media attack? President Trump. You simply cannot make this stuff up, folks!

Hilarious! Fauxcahontas’ Senate seat challenger sent her a gift – a DNA test kit, which she refused to accept

Proving that Republicans are not just mean, old white men, Ayyadurai graciously sent Squaw Warren a gift-wrapped 23&Me DNA test kit so that she can finally prove her LOL Indian heritage.

Princess Lying Dog blames her husband for her not running for president in 2016

Her tribe’s medicine man had talked her out of it, claiming that it was bad medicine and that people who oppose Hitlery Clinton often commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head three or four times.

VIDEO: LOL! Pocahontas is confused about President Trump’s strategy against ISIS

Elizabeth Warren, whose Indian name is “Stupid B!tch,” is complaining that she doesn’t understand President Trump’s strategy in dropping the Mother Of All Bombs on ISIS in Afghanistan, killing 36 jihadis in the process.