North Korea threatens Australia with a nuclear attack if it continues to follow the US

Kudos to Trump and Tillerson for their brilliant work in putting the ball in China’s court and forcing them to finally address the problem of their rogue ally. Maybe W and Hussein should have read The Art of the Deal.

Michael Nostradamus Moore predicts President Trump will win reelection in 2020 only to be impeached mid-term

Michael Moore predicted Thursday that President Donald Trump will get impeached after winning a second term. Moore also predicted that Krispy Kreme will go bankrupt as a result of his boycott.

Saturday’s March for Science, sold as a non-partisan event, was a big,fat lie, just another anti-Trump protest complete with pink vagina hats

A group of tree-hugging snowflakes claiming to be non-partisan, a claim belied by the number of anti-Trump signs in the crowd and the many pink vagina hats, marched on Washington on Saturday singing the blues.

Israel launches missile attack on Syria. Bizarre!

This looks and smells an awful lot like Trump’s cruise missile attack on Assad’s airfield with about the same amount of evidence to support it…. ZERO!

BOOM! Nine sanctuary cities advised that their federal funding will be cut if they continue to thwart federal immigration law

As promised, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are going after sanctuary cities, advising nine of the worst offenders that non-compliance with federal law will see their federal funding cut.

VIDEO: Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea. Could this mean an attack by the US is imminent?

With Kim Jong-un continuing to issue threats of a preemptive strike, it appears that Chinese and Russian leaders are privy to something that the general public is not.

Border wall to begin by the end of summer

Among President Trump’s most significant campaign issues were border security and immigration control. Key to both was an impenetrable border wall to keep illegal aliens from simply walking or wading into the United States.

Look who was hanging out at the White House this week. Photo gallery….

President Trump invited Sarah Palin to the White House for dinner. She asked if she could bring a couple of friends.

Meme of the Week!

Trump could cure cancer and the diminutive airhead would proclaim, “Great! Now cancer centers across the country are going to go bankrupt and oncologists are going to be homeless on the street. Way to go, Trump!

Trump intevention results in the release of a grateful American held prisoner in Egypt for three years

Beautiful! Well done, Mr. President. The most striking thing about this report is that it comes from The Washington Post, not exactly the most pro-Trump publication, historically. An Egyptian American charity worker who was imprisoned in Cairo for three years and […]

VIDEO: I rate this one three and a half barf bags. Enjoy one full minute of Nancy “Plastic” Pelosi

It tells you everything you need to know about liberal Democrats. They are liars. They are soulless, subhuman creatures from the swamp President Trump is trying to drain.

Hitlery is on a search and destroy mission for a leaker who leaked embarrassing campaign details for a new book

There is a leaker in Hitlery’s camp who is apparently not a history buff. If he or she were, he or she would understand the horrific misfortunes befalling those who cross the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

DHS can’t keep up with the deportation overload, leaving risky illegals on the street

While the work is proceeding as planned, the caseload is so enormous it has created a backlog that is hindering effective enforcement.

VIDEO: Superstar NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski crashes White House press briefing

Watch as Gronk crashes Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing, asking Spicer if he needs any help, you know, like smacking reporters around and such.

Confirmed: Former CIA chief John Brennan colluded with foreign spies to defeat Trump

Anyone with a single functioning brain cell (a group that unfortunately does not include Democrats) knew from the jump that there was ZERO collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

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