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VIDEO: CNN’s resident racist Don Lemon declares that “the biggest terror threat is white men” and “we have to start doing something about them”

CNN’s resident racist, Don Lemon, recently came very close to calling for the genocide of white people in a dialogue with fellow talking head moron Chris Cuomo. Lemon declared that “the biggest terror threat is white men” and “we have to start doing something about them.” 

VIDEO: More lies and fake news from CNN, deliberately misquoting President Trump to paint him as a racist

Hill, Cabrera’s guest, didn’t skip a beat, pouncing on the racist narrative, playing along with the “white” lie, declaring President Trump guilty of “racial tribalism” and “closing ranks around whiteness.” 

Black Mom is outraged when her 8-year-old son is given a pamphlet on “white privilege” at school

Divide. Divide. Divide. Divide. That’s the liberal strategy to maintain power. Pitting one race against another and inciting class envy. Standard liberal policy. The newest liberal “divide and conquer” movement centers around the notion and myth of “white privilege,” intended to […]

Man who threatened to ‘kill all white people’ indicted in the murders of six innocent people, all white

Demond Scott, who threatened to “kill all white people,” was indicted for the murders of six people, all white, in the Kansas City area that occurred over the course of a year, 2016-2017. Are these murders being charged as hate crimes? No, the perp is the wrong color.

Please, if you are black, or even if you are not, read this! It is the most accurate depiction of the Democrat Party you will see today

I found this old advertisement from the Democrat Party seeking fellow racists to join them in their crusade for “white supremacy.” It brought to mind the incredibly successful sales job the Democrat Party has pulled off with black Americans.

Study finds that the average net worth of black families is $8. Not kidding! The reason, of course…. RACISM!!

Even the pic, above, from the “Color of Wealth” study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, reeks of white privilege, depicting a group of downtrodden people of color looking up at a white man and a white banker, obvious hoarders of the wealth, so the message implies.

Wow! A black nurse, who is also a racist, says white women are a detriment to society because they raise white sons, who should all be killed

A black racist female, who also happens to be a registered nurse (God forbid!), published a tweet disparaging white women for raising white sons, who she believes should all be killed. And, she’s a nurse, many patients of whom are no doubt white males! Yet, it is white people she calls racists!

VIDEO: Now, even a singer of the national anthem at an NFL game is taking a knee and rendering the black power salute

The morons who run the NFL, the morons who own the teams, and the morons taking a knee or sitting on their entitled asses during the national anthem, are killing their golden goose.

VIDEO: My favorite young patriot, CJ Pearson, has a few words for Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Curry

Watch as he lights into Colin Kaepernick, Stephen Curry, and other professional sports professionals who have been showing their ignorance and hatred for America, the country that has brought them fame and fortune, not to mention the disrespect they are showing their fans, many of whom are veterans. 

VIDEO: Black actress when asked who she is rooting for to win all the Emmy awards: “I’m rooting for everybody black.” But, of course, that’s not racist

Issa Rae’s comment at this year’s 69th Primetime Emmy Awards when asked by a Variety reporter who she was rooting for to win. Racist Rae replied, “I’m rooting for everyone black!” Then smiling, she doubled down unapologetically, “I am.”

Black Lives Matter now wants to outlaw ALL Confederate groups and flags. How long before they want to ban white people

Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups have been appeased and allowed to get away with nearly anything they want for so long that they now believe they can demand anything and get it. So far, they have been right. The violence and chaos will continue until their degenerate lawlessness is nipped in the blossom (it is no longer a bud).

Pundits are looking for the originator of the conflict and mayhem in Charlottesville and many believe they have found their racist

I believe the FBI should seize this animal’s electronic devices to see just who he has been communicating with over the past month or two. It could yield some very interesting discoveries. 

Telling the truth about Democrats! NC Republican slams Democrats for murdering blacks in 1898 and preventing blacks from voting

The party of racism, the KKK, Jim Crow, and civil rights obstruction was and is the Democrat Party. The KKK was started as an enforcement branch of the Democrat Party to keep blacks from voting.

For the first time since its founding in 1636, white students represent a minority in Harvard’s incoming freshman class

Harvard is not an institution of higher learning, it is a social-engineering lab, and a sad specimen at that. A diploma from Harvard was once a treasured document. Today, I believe a parking ticket is held in higher esteem. For […]

NY Times reporter declares that white women are racists because they won’t get out of his way when he is walking down the sidewalk

I’m sure he also has a problem with them breathing the oxygen he wants reserved for future generations of black people. But those cracker bitches keep on breathing with total disregard for blacks of the future.

Professor calling for white genocide is standing by his statement

A Drexel University prof has not only called for white genocide, but is doubling down, claiming that there is nothing wrong with his comments.

Barf bag alert! Racist article of the day: The solution to white supremacy is white abortion

White women: it is time to do your part! If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite.

CONFIRMED! White supremacists have infiltrated the White House!

According to a growing consensus of the aforementioned mental giants, that “A-OK” symbol is really a double secret “white power” message to fellow white supremacists.

BREAKING! Shouting Allahu Akbar, black Muslim shoots, kills three white men in CA. Random act of violence, police say. Really?

Three white men were shot and killed after a black man shouting “Allahu akbar” went on a shooting rampage Tuesday afternoon in Fresno, California before being taken into custody. The killer calls himself “Black Jesus.”

Anti-white activism growing on America’s campuses. Check out NC State’s “Dear White People” campaign

We used to call this reverse racism. It was always accepted because political correctness. Now this form of blatant racism is considered constructive on America’s college campuses and “valued” speech. Students at North Carolina State University placed signs across campus […]

Got milk? Then you’re a damned RACIST! Milk is the new symbol of the racist Trump era. Too funny!

I always thought it was funny when Grandpa would angle a teet away from the bucket and squirt his cat in the face, which was always hanging around at milking time. It was a snow white cat too. Little racist bastard!

VIDEO: BLM activist goes on profanity-laced, racist rant, advocating killing Donald Trump and white people

“White people, give your f**king money, your f**king house, your f**king property, we need it f**king all!” she demanded, suggesting that whites surrender everything they own to black people.

Attending an Ivy League college, which most people don’t get to do, this black snowflake is “mentally breaking down” from the white privilege of his professors

“So, because my professor wanted to protect the voices of the white students who benefit from black oppression, the oppression unfortunately continued. It even led to me mentally breaking down in the classroom.”

Black liberals attack Steve Harvey for meeting with Donald Trump

They believe Harvey has no business interacting with Trump, even if the mission of the alliance is to help black people.

Liberal MTV racist/culture writer accuses Jeff Sessions of kidnapping a little girl at Toys R Us. The little girl is Sessions’ granddaughter. No matter, the cockroach continues his racist rant

Ira Madison is what passes for a “culture writer” at MTV. He is also clearly a racist and a poor excuse for a human being.

VIDEO: BOOM! Gavin McInnes destroys MTV and its parade of racist morons video that attacks “white guys”

The video begins with a racist/sexist comment from an hispanic female declaring that “America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy” and proceeds with a parade of racist Snowflakes.

VIDEO: Tomi Lahren blowing up MTV over its open war against “white males”

There is a new world coming, Snowflake, and you will either join it or be cast aside as the hateful morons we all knew that you were from the beginning. Love and tolerance, my ass! Hate and bigotry is more like it.

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson blows up another liberal racist

I love watching Tucker Carlson blow up liberals, especially liberals who are also racists, which he did on Monday when he interviewed racial activist Tariz Nasheed.

VIDEO: BOOM! Tucker Carlson flays a black racist talk show host for remarks he made regarding the Ohio State terrorist attack

Watch the video, below, as Carlson dresses down clearly racist talk show host, Tariq Nasheed, beginning the dialogue by calling him a coward, in response to the following tweet….

Boycott Pepsi! CEO says she had to console her “crying” employees after Trump’s election. “Especially those who are not white,” said the racist

“Are we safe?” That is the question Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi was asked by her employees at Pepsi in response to Donald Trump’s election. They “were all crying,” she claims, especially those who are not white.”

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