More fake news and lies from CNN!

But, first, this! Fascistbook found it necessary to shut down two of my Facebook pages on October 11, part of the “big purge” of conservative publishers. My pages were among several hundred conservative pages that were shut down that day. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that conservative publishers are supporting Republican candidates in the midterm elections. Nah, couldn’t be that. The ultra-liberal asshats that run Fascistbook are far too ethical for anything as corrupt and scummy as that. They would never try to silence the opposition like Hitler did.

In an email to me the day of the shut down, Fascistbook’s John Thompson, who works a few blocks from the White House, explained in typical vague Facebook language why Facebook found it necessary to shut down my pages and destroy my livelihood, declaring that my “pages are being removed for inauthentic and spamming behavior on the platform,” suggesting that I am nothing more than a fake new artist.

Thompson also accused me of being “financially motivated,” to which I plead guilty. I am working for a living. I’m pretty certain Mr. Thompson is doing the same thing.

In a return email, I suggested to Mr. Thompson that if he wanted to see fake news, he should tune into any member of the Alphabet Network Club, which includes CNN.

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Right on cue, CNN obliges. I am emailing this article to Mr. Thompson, just to teach him what real “financially motivated” fake news looks like.

Last Sunday, on CNN Newsroom, host Ana Cabrera ran a segment with ultra-liberal and transparently racist CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill. In the segment, Cabrera quoted President Trump…. partially.

President Trump, in reference to the unsubstantiated accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, recently made the comment that “it’s a very scary time for young men in America.” True enough!

Cabrera conveniently replaced the word “young” with the word “white.”

Why would she do that? In a tweet, she apologized and claimed that it was a “mistake.” No, it wasn’t. It was a barefaced lie! You cannot accidentally replace “young” with “white.” That is 100% deliberate. It is not five consecutive typos that happen to miraculously spell the word “white.” It is a shameless lie, employed to race-bait, a CNN specialty.

Hill, Cabrera’s guest, didn’t skip a beat, pouncing on the racist narrative, playing along with the “white” lie, declaring President Trump guilty of “racial tribalism” and “closing ranks around whiteness.”

Cabrera even ran a short clip from SNL that featured the correct quote from President Trump on the screen. Yet, she still deliberately exchanged the word “young” with the word “white” and Hill marched in lockstep, slamming President Trump for what turns out to be just another CNN lie.

Marc Lamont Hill: That’s always Trump’s strategy, to close ranks around a certain kind of racial tribalism, to close ranks around whiteness. When you say, “Make America Great Again,” that’s a dog whistle to white folk, that’s not to black people. He’s always doing that. And so, you know, the whole, “They’re stealing our country,” plays into his immigration policy, and it stokes white fear. Saying that it’s a scary time to be a white man because you get accused of something you didn’t do.

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