MTV is a steaming pile of human waste and where liberals typically go for their news and social commentary. And you thought they just aired stupid music videos.

Nope! Ira Madison is what passes for a “culture writer” at MTV. He is also clearly a racist and a poor excuse for a human being. Check out his tweet asking Jeff Sessions to return the Asian toddler he kidnapped from a Toys R Us store. The little girl is Sessions’ granddaughter.

Even though Madison quickly deleted his tweet, he didn’t discontinue his racist rant against the incoming Attorney General and his granddaughter, accusing Sessions of using her for a prop. If MTV continues to employ this cockroach then the teenybopper channel is as disgusting as Madison.

Surprisingly, Jake Tapper responds, defending Sessions….

But Madison continues his racist rant, unabated….

Apparently the next four or eight years will see no change in the love, tolerance, and understanding we have come to expect from the left.