Hilarious video! Gilbert Gottfried pokes fun at the NFL for its stupidity in dealing with the kneeling issue

Brainstorming future distractions from concussions, Gottfried’s character proposes prayer rugs in the endzones for Muslim players who score touchdowns, banking on the public outrage to be so great it will take even more attention away from concussions.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced a few days ago that there will be no kneeling for the national anthem. His black QB backs him 100%

If not for patriotic reasons, then owners should not be so stupid that they can’t see the looming big picture commercial disaster that there was just a hint of last year. It can and will get a lot worse if owners continue to allow a handful of morons, kneeling like $10 hookers, to manage their teams, their business and their fortunes.

From Heaven to hell. The experience of an NFL team owner in 2017. Take our poll.

To be kind, 2017 has not been a great year for NFL team owners. They have allowed their spoiled-rotten millionaire crybaby players to lead them around by their noses, showing their stupidity and ingratitude, and it has cost the league dearly, especially its team owners who still must honor the contracts of the crybabies.

For the first time in history the NFL is cancelling its prime time Sunday Night Football game. “Who’s Kneeling Now?” asks one tweeter

The NFL has canceled its last Sunday Night Football game of the season. Some are blaming the cancellation on the fact that the game falls on New Year’s Eve, which would be erroneous, as New Year’s Eve has fallen on a Sunday many times in the past, but this is the first time the NFL has canceled a Sunday Night Football game.

OUCH! Photo gallery, empty stadiums around the NFL, 12/17/17. Owners must be thinking bankruptcy at this point

How the owners recover from this I have no idea, considering the massive salaries they are committed to paying the very players who screwed them all with their childish bullshit. I am not a bankruptcy attorney, but I forsee owners filing bankruptcy just to ditch the exorbitant contracts and start fresh. I would!

Pics of empty NFL stadiums across America, where former fans have renamed the league of crybaby millionaires “FU-NFL”

The boycott continues to grow. As owners of NFL teams contemplate swan dives from atop their respective jumbotrons, fans continue to demonstrate their unwillingness to spend huge amounts of money in support of a league of spoiled crybabies.

Pics of near-empty stadiums around the NFL. One millionaire crybaby ($17 million a year) says if fans don’t like him kneeling, “don’t come to the game”

“If they don’t like it, don’t come to the game,” Vernon told reporters in reference to fans’ distaste for his kneeling during the national anthem like a $10 hooker, which he insists he will continue to do and no one is going to stop him.

VIDEO: To stop the financial bleeding, the NFL is offering protesting players a $100 million proposition to get them off their knees. No deal!

The NFL is proposing a $100 million fix that will satisfy the protesting players enough to convince them to stand for the national anthem. While many players are willing to consider the offer, several others are resisting, which means that the NFL’s grand idea is dead in the water.

Photos of ghost towns, I mean stadiums across the NFL, 11/26/2017

The league may never recover from this. At best, it will likely mean renegotiation of player contracts, which will shrink drastically due to the boycott. There should be an award for such off-the-charts stupidity.

NFL player sits for Star-Spangled Banner in Mexico, stands for Mexican anthem. President Trump slams him, so liberals pile on President Trump

For you liberals who find it so easy to disrespect America and can’t understand why the rest of us stand in respect for the national anthem, please study the following tweet carefully…. 

VIDEO: New country hit single, Take A Knee, My Ass, dedicated to the true heroes in uniform, not the crybaby millionaires who piss me off more every day

To Colin Kaepernick and his assclown pals who believe it is your RIGHT to openly disrespect our flag, our country, our troops, our veterans, law enforcement, and your former fans: Stick your right up your ass! Your left, too. You are not heroes.

Photos of empty NFL stadiums across America, 11/19/2017. The boycott is getting worse!

They used to also attend NFL football games or watch them on TV, but not so much anymore since crybaby millionaire players showed their asses and their disrespect for America, its flag, the REAL heroes in uniform in the armed forces, veterans, law enforcement, and most of all, their fans!

GQ magazine just named Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year.” Not kidding!

GQ magazine even named Kaepernick as their Citizen of the Year. Really? For spitting in America’s face or for costing the NFL many billions of dollars and possibly destroying the league forever?

Wow! Photo gallery. The NFL’s empty seat disease is getting worse and spreading

The average NFL team has a payroll of $130 million for players alone. You have to sell a lot of Papa John’s pizza to earn that. Oh, that’s right, Papa John’s dropped their NFL advertising. 

How to lose a billion dollars. Let the inmates run the prison. Ratings just in for this week’s NFL Monday Night Football game. Not good!

I think it is going to be a tough road back for the owners and the league, if they are able to recover at all. And, if they are able to recover, the league is going to look much different. Player salaries are going to be much less.

VIDEO: Dripping-with-arrogance Roger Goodell offers dripping-with-arrogance Colin Kaepernick a compromise meeting. Here is my suggestion

The fans want what they want and are waiting to see if you are ever going to be smart enough to recognize it or if you are going to be stupid until you have lost any hope of salvaging your golden goose. You see, your former fans really don’t care as much as you think.

Empty stadiums around the NFL. Not a pretty sight for NFL team owners. How many are boycotting the NFL? Take our poll

I wonder what it is like to own an asset that was worth $1 billion a few months ago that is now worth $200 million, and you owe $400 million on it, and you probably can’t sell it because operating expenses are $100 million while revenue is $50 million? OUCH!

Quick! See this video while you can. Sportscasting legend explains how he feels about NFL’s kneeling crybabies: “I will never watch another NFL game.”

“I have only one personal thought, really. And I am so disappointed. And I used to love, during the fall and winter, to watch the NFL on Sunday…. So the only thing I can do in my little way is not to preach. I will never watch another NFL game.”

NFL advertisers are giving ad agencies and networks an ultimatum, but will it be enough to stop the bleeding? I don’t think so.

You can call someone an “ugly, fat pig,” then claim you meant no disrespect, but that isn’t going to keep the comment from being disrespectful.

OUCH! New numbers show NFL viewership down nearly 19% from 2015, likely meaning a net loss for owners. And there are no signs of the boycott ending

I might add that a typical business profit margin is 15%, sometimes less, meaning this 19% reduction in revenue likely represents a net loss for the league and team owners, as they are locked into their contracts with the players, who will be expecting every dime contracted.

TV network execs looking to cut NFL Thursday Night Football due to ratings crash, which they blame on “saturation.” LOL! Uh-huh

“Saturation” is not your problem. THIS is your problem…. you have multimillionaire assclowns masquerading as professional football players spitting in the faces of the patriots who used to watch NFL games on your network, dropping to their knees like $5 hookers as part of a social justice crusade.

Pics of empty stadiums from around the NFL, 10/22/17

Obviously longing for the good old days when every seat around them was taken and like-minded rabid fans literally made the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium rock with the noise and commotion of impassioned fandom, this couple sent a direct message to the crybabies.

Wow! Packers coach gets really pissed when asked twice in a row if he is going to hire Colin Kaepernick now that Aaron Rodgers is hurt. NO!

Liberal weenie reporters in the sports arena are no less obnoxious than liberal weenie reporters in the political arena. Any opportunity they can get to ask a question that might paint the answerer as a racist or bigot, they are going to take it, regardless of whether the question has been answered already. 

Video & pics of empty NFL stadiums from around the league, 10/15/2017. Continue the boycott! No more NFL for me…. EVER!

My question is who the hell is doing PR for the NFL. Any moron could have told you them that in this nationalist/populist era disrespecting our flag, our troops, and our country was going to backfire in their faces of those who stand to lose the most, the league and the team owners.

Roger Goodell and NFL team owners are meeting to put an end to the kneeling, believing that it will fix everything. I don’t think so

Not so fast, Kimosabe. You can’t spit in your girlfriend’s face in public, then say, “I’m sorry. Let’s go eat lunch.” Nice try, but as for this football fan, I will stick to college ball. You have lost me forever.

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against NFL owners for not hiring him. He will lose. Here is why

Owners are fully within their rights to not hire Kaepernick. In terms of revenue, he is a loser for any team that hires him, which makes it perfectly legal for any owner to give him a pass (pun intended).

BOOM! Ted Nugent destroyed the NFL’s millionaire crybabies in one facebook post, summing it all up perfectly!

Ted Nugent summed up the National Embarrassment Football League as well as anyone I have seen comment on the shameful scumbag millionaires.

Roger Goodell’s letter requesting teams to stand for the anthem, which we have translated from its original Bullshitese, the official language of the NFL

I know you don’t give a doodly squat about America or our fans, and frankly, neither do I, but this is about something much more important…. MONEY! Let’s face it, we need their stinking carcasses and especially their wallets in our stadiums.

VIDEO: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says any player who does not stand for the national anthem “will not play.” There is only one thing wrong with that

Will your newfound patriotism work? Not with me. I’m finished with the NFL. You can’t rape a woman, then tell her how much you respect her as you are walking out the door.

VIDEO: VP Mike Pence walked out of Indy stadium after several 49er players knelt during the anthem

The former governor of Indiana and his wife, wearing a Manning No. 18 jersey, left Lucas Oil Stadium after the national anthem, following instructions from President Trump after a number of San Francisco 49ers players, as they usually do, took a knee during the anthem.