VIDEO: My favorite young patriot, CJ Pearson, has a few words for Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Curry

Watch as he lights into Colin Kaepernick, Stephen Curry, and other professional sports professionals who have been showing their ignorance and hatred for America, the country that has brought them fame and fortune, not to mention the disrespect they are showing their fans, many of whom are veterans. 

VIDEO: Barack Hussein is afraid of a 13-year old? My favorite teen patriot, CJ Pearson, is fired up since Obama blocked him on Twitter

By Thomas Madison 13-year old conservative, CJ Pearson, whose anti-Obama videos have gone viral, is on the warpath again, this time in response to Barack Hussein blocking him from following his Twitter account. White House spokesman, Frank Benenati, denies that […]

My favorite 12-year old patriot, CJ Pearson, and his family, have received death threats from an Obama-loving piece of dung!

By Thomas Madison I am proud to be a facebook friend of 12-year old conservative patriot, CJ Pearson, whose youtube videos have been a viral sensation. He posted to facebook Friday that he is taking a break (hopefully a short […]

VIDEO: I love this young guy and his message as he calls out Obama for hating America. Sharp youngster! Hard to believe he is only 12

By Thomas Madison CJ Pearson  is only 12-years old, yet he is far more patriotic than many adults I know. He loves America and slams Barrack Hussein for not doing the same. He also applauds Rudy Giuliani for his controversial […]