Jim Acosta tells Sebastian Gorka he doesn’t belong in the the WH Press room. Gorka explodes! “Acosta, you are a dic*head!”

As Acosta entered the White House Press Briefing Room Friday, he recognized former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka and was quick to ask him what he thought he was doing there as the room is “for journalists only,” cueing Gorka to rip CNN’s senior fake news artist a new exhaust port.

Trolling Jim Acosta via Twitter, President Trump punked the fake news artist like a boss while Acosta proved that walls work!

Poor Jim Acosta. He hasn’t had an original idea since he discovered masturbation.

VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway punks “smartass” Jim Acosta, who should be banned from the White House for the remainder of the Trump administration

Watch as presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway returns fire, then leaves “smartass” Jim Acosta mumbling as she moves on to questions from real correspondents.

VIDEO: About damned time! CNN’s Jim Acosta has been banned from the White House. Secret Service seized Acosta’s White House press credentials

President Trump has finally had enough of Jim Acosta who showed up at the White House gate tonight for his “8 o’clock hit,” as he called it. A Secret Service officer immediately seized Acosta’s White House press credentials and told him he was not allowed to enter.

VIDEO: President Trump slams CNN’s Jim Acosta at WH presser as Acosta wrestles with a WH aide for control of the mic, not allowing others to speak

Watch this tense exchange between disrespectful assclown Jim Acosta and the man who continues to allow him to work in the White House as Acosta asks multiple questions, then refuses to give up the microphone, at one point wrestling it away from a White House aide who was trying to take it from him.

VIDEO: Fake news CNN refuses to run a Trump ad calling for stopping the caravan because they say the ad is racist. Not kidding! Don, Jr. calls them out on it

CNN, the most prominent fake news network on the planet, recently refused to run a Republican campaign ad featuring President Trump calling for stopping the massive caravan of 7,000 Central Americans. CNN claims that it refused to run the ad because it is racist. Not kidding!

VIDEO: CNN’s resident racist Don Lemon declares that “the biggest terror threat is white men” and “we have to start doing something about them”

CNN’s resident racist, Don Lemon, recently came very close to calling for the genocide of white people in a dialogue with fellow talking head moron Chris Cuomo. Lemon declared that “the biggest terror threat is white men” and “we have to start doing something about them.” 

VIDEO: More lies and fake news from CNN, deliberately misquoting President Trump to paint him as a racist

Hill, Cabrera’s guest, didn’t skip a beat, pouncing on the racist narrative, playing along with the “white” lie, declaring President Trump guilty of “racial tribalism” and “closing ranks around whiteness.” 

VIDEO: CNN fake news artist Brian Stelter gets schooled by broadcast legend Ted Koppel. “CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Trump!”

President Trump is not shy about calling CNN out as a fake news organization, even refusing to take questions from CNN correspondents at press conferences. He routinely smacks down CNN’s whiny Jim Acosta and seems to enjoy watching Acosta embarrass himself publicly.

VIDEO: “CNN SUCKS!” screams the crowd of patriots to Jim Acosta, completely drowning out the fake news artist at President Trump’s Tampa rally

Watch the video, below, as Acosta is accosted, pun intended, by a crowd of thousands who shout over the purveyor of fake news, “CNN SUCKS!”

THIS is what CNN has become, featuring this woman on Father’s Day: “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man”

I suggest CNN immediately schedule an intense curriculum of elementary human biology training for its production staff and on-air personalities. NO story that begins with “He gave birth” is a valid and factually accurate story. It is a lie.

Hahaaaa! Lindsey Graham to CNN talking head! “If you don’t like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don’t give a sh!t”

I like the president, I want to help him, I hope he’s successful. He’s been a friend to me. He says some things I don’t agree with. So, if you don’t like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don’t give a sh*t!”

Fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta is slammed by fellow journalists for his latest disruption during the White House Easter Egg Roll

Jim Acosta is at it again, shouting “gotcha” questions at President Trump at the most inappropriate times, most recently at the White House Easter Egg Roll where the president was coloring with his family and small children attending the event.

VIDEO: CNN not happy with Intel Committee’s finding of no collusion. “If this report were written on toilet paper, I wouldn’t stoop to wipe my ass with it”

No evidence was found. That’s what the Committee said. Mudd is not happy with that. He insists the Committee continue investigating until they find something, anything, even if they have to invent it. Charge President Trump with having his dinner salad with Russian dressing. That’s impeachable, right?

How bad does CNN suck? THIS bad! Of the top 20 cable news programs from 1/29-2/23, Fox owns 15 of them, MSNBC owns 5. CNN? ZERO!

As expected of a lying, partisan fake news organization masquerading as a legitimate and objective news source, CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. The Clinton News Network routinely loses in the ratings war to such obscure viewing choices as reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons. Not kidding!

Yes, pigs are flying over Atlanta. For the second time today CNN is praising President Trump

OK, they’re not that over-the-top crazy in love with the president who heretofore they loved to hate, but the Clinton News Network’s shocking reversal in the tone of their coverage of the president is a pleasant mystery.

Hilarious video! Investigative journalist Laura Loomer catches up with Jim Acosta in DC, asks is he going to report some more fake news. He runs away

Acosta replied, “We’re going to report the truth and see if people can handle it.” A bystander commented, “Truth? CNN and truth?” obviously referring to CNN’s widely-known reputation for fake news.

CNN ratings still in the toilet! How bad is it? Take a look

The Clinton News Network spent the week of February 12-18 in the proverbial ratings toilet, ranking tenth among prime time viewers and checking in between Investigation Discovery and Home and Garden TV, and well behind Nickelodeon among total viewers. Not kidding!

CNN asked high school hero to participate in school shooting town hall, then gave him scripted questions. He refused. CNN says he is lying

Habb was given scripted questions by CNN, which he refused to ask, declining the invitation to attend the event. “CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted.” So, he refused to attend.

Ted Cruz Did A 15-minute interview with CNN that they did not air a single minute of. Then they attacked him for being afraid to interview

CNN attacked Ted Cruz for not coming onto its partisan hackfest of a network to defend his Second Amendment position in light of the Parkland school massacre. This was a day after Ted Cruz was interviewed by CNN on that very topic. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good network ambush.

Butthurt crybaby Jim Acosta ignites a twitterstorm in response to his blaming President Trump for his own inability to follow instructions

Instead of packing his gear and hitting the trail when the President gave the cue that the press conference was over, Acosta was determined to hang around and ask questions intended to made President Trump look like a racist.

VIDEO: President Trump ended his press conference and cued the media to leave. Butthurt crybaby Jim Acosta refused to follow instructions

This will not get better for President Trump until he puts his foot down. It will not surprise me in the least to hear Acosta ask, “Mr. President, do you regret saying that black people aren’t very smart and eat too much fried chicken? Do you regret saying that, sir?”

VIDEO: Hilarious! CNN wants to ban the term “fake news” since it is now stuck to them like glue

President Trump has since coopted the term “fake news” and uses it regularly in reference to the mainstream media, especially CNN. Thus, CNN, now known widely as America’s premier “fake news” source, wants to ban the term, lest it drive them completely out of business, a comforting thought.

VIDEO: Bizarre exchange between Chris Cuomo and LaVar Ball, dad of one the UCLA shoplifters in China, who refuses to thank President Trump

Lending credence to the widely-held belief that athletes are morons, LaVar Ball was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Ball is still suggesting that President Trump did nothing for his son and deserves no thanks.

VIDEO: Teacher forces 7th-grader to remove “FNN – Fake News Network” t-shirt before going on a field trip to CNN’s HQ. Parents irate!

The shirt looks nothing like “F CNN.” Let’s face it, the teacher is a liberal weenie academic control freak who didn’t want to appear to be condoning conservative thought. So, she squelched it, the First Amendment be damned!

Hilarious video! Fake News CNN split screens two reporters standing next to each other to make you believe they are miles apart. So dishonest!

Check out the video, below, of two CNN reporters on split screen. The production crew is obviously trying to convince the audience that the reporters are miles apart. Except they aren’t! They are standing right beside one another.

VIDEO: Sarah Huckabee Sanders shuts down Trump-hater Jim Acosta who wants to know why President Trump is a racist

Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders field a question from usual CNN suspect Jim Acosta who wants to know if President Trump is trying to start a culture (race) war with his criticism of multi-millionaire NFL crybabies who are symbolically sticking both of their middle fingers in the faces of the American people.

VIDEO: Hilarious! CNN’s Alisyn Camerota assembled a citizen panel to bash President Trump, except they had another idea

Poor CNN! One day they are reporting the death of the wrong celebrity, then clueless Alisyn Camerota gets destroyed by Sebastian Gorka. Now, we discover that Clueless Camerota can’t even manage to stack a citizen panel correctly.Camerota is CNN’s version […]

VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka runs logical circles around CNN fake news airhead Alisyn Camerota

“How bad does your network have to suck to get beat out (in the ratings) by Investigation Discovery, whatever that is, and Nick-at-Nite, which features reruns of ancient cartoons like Yogi Bear?”