Steve Harvey is being skewered by the racist left for meeting with Donald Trump.Ā Believing that Harvey is just an Uncle Tom wanting to rub shoulders with celebrity, the usual suspects on the left are livid, their invective mill running at top speed. They believe Harvey has no business interacting with Trump, even if the mission of the alliance is to help black people.

We the People are going to have to tune these brain-dead liberals out for the next four years because they are not going to shut up or go away. They are going to attack, attack, attack, not on policy, but on their personal hatred for a self-made billionaire capitalist.

I’m not sure who this assclown, DL Hughley is, but everything he says in the following video is wrong….

So, DL, you wonder why Donald Trump is turning to black celebrities to help heal the racial divide Barack Hussein has worked overtime to make worse the past eight years? Because he is smart. He understands that black male role models can reach young inner-city blacks like a white man cannot. The reason for that is because young inner-city blacks have been conditioned to hate whitey. That’s right, the real racism is in the black community, DL, and you are a perfect example! How dare you try to wreck a genuine attempt by two leaders, regardless of their color, to promote healing the injury inflicted by Barack Hussein in a community so badly in need of healing. You are as worthless as Hussein and your fellow liberal racists….