Among the byproducts of eight years of Barack Hussein is an entitlement culture on the left that demands that conservatives (white males in particular) are fair game for verbal assault and must behave and perform as liberals tell them, or else. “Or else” what? has never really been identified by Mr. Liberal Weenie. It’s just a “so, there!” sort of declaration before he hits you with his purse.

The liberal practitioners of hatred who claim the mantle of love and tolerance clearly believe that they are entitled to this caustic language, but attack any other demographic group, black females, for instance, and see how long it takes the whiny leftists and their lapdog liberal media to scream “racism” and “misogyny.” It is the only action they can perform with lightning speed. Between praising Barack Hussein and slamming white guy Donald Trump, they are all over the “white guys suck” narrative.

Suck it up, Snowflake. There is a new world coming, and you will either join it or be cast aside as the hateful morons we all knew that you were from the beginning. Love and tolerance, my ass! Hate and bigotry is more like it.

Watch star-spangled patriot Tomi Lahren return fire on MTV for its sickening attack on white males.