VIDEO: Chaos in Charlottesville as citizens take over City Council meeting, demanding answers to the city’s failure during the recent rally

Citizens of Charlottesville, Virginia took over a City Council meeting Monday, shouting down the mayor and council members, who threatened citizens with removal if they continued their vocal objection to the city’s handling of the Unite the Right rally held on August 12, which only made the already irate citizens angrier.

More on Jason Kessler, who engineered the Charlottesville tragedy. I am convinced he is a leftist plant on the Soros payroll

“One cannot help but ponder…do the “alt-right” members who flooded Charlottesville from all over the country know that they are being led by a self-confessed pro-abortion, environmentalist, atheist with close Muslim friends who values immigrants and supports sanctuary cities?”

VIDEO: Well, looky yonder! It was clearly Antifa and BLM that initiated the Charlottesville violence

There is much more to learn about the tragedy in Charlottesville, but as details continue to become public, it looks more and more like the instigator of Saturday’s violence was Antifa and BLM. Big shock, right?

Unbelievably, Mitt Romney tweets that Antifa and BLM are morally superior groups only fighting “racism and bigotry” and alt right are racist Nazis

OK, so true leadership is not exactly his strong suit, hardly an endorsement for a candidate for President of the United States. Ass-kissing and going along to get along and following the crowd, now that is the Mitt Romney we have come to know and be disgusted by.

Pundits are looking for the originator of the conflict and mayhem in Charlottesville and many believe they have found their racist

I believe the FBI should seize this animal’s electronic devices to see just who he has been communicating with over the past month or two. It could yield some very interesting discoveries.