VIDEO: CNN commentator declares that ALL white women who support President Trump are “RACISTS!” Twitter unloads on her!

Empaneling a trio of women, Lemon, his brow wrinkled in the most righteous concern, asked Kirsten Powers, “There’s been a lot of talk about why white women support President Trump. What’s your take on it?”

Black Mom is outraged when her 8-year-old son is given a pamphlet on “white privilege” at school

Divide. Divide. Divide. Divide. That’s the liberal strategy to maintain power. Pitting one race against another and inciting class envy. Standard liberal policy. The newest liberal “divide and conquer” movement centers around the notion and myth of “white privilege,” intended to […]

University professor says math is a racist plot to promote “white privilege”

Aren’t Asians and Indians the ones who are historically best at math? Not according to this college professor who claims that math is a plot to promote “white privilege.” So, whenever you are feeling left out, no matter the reason, just pull the race card and blame whitey. 

Attending an Ivy League college, which most people don’t get to do, this black snowflake is “mentally breaking down” from the white privilege of his professors

“So, because my professor wanted to protect the voices of the white students who benefit from black oppression, the oppression unfortunately continued. It even led to me mentally breaking down in the classroom.”