I stopped watching Fox News on August 6, 2015, the night of the first GOP debate, during which Megyn Kelly showed her ass, her liberal bias, and her hatred for Donald Trump. I suspect she hates all Alpha males. I haven’t watched Fox News since and I haven’t missed them a bit.

I may have to violate my Fox boycott a bit. Tucker Carlson is the best hard-nosed interviewer I have ever seen. I have only seen his show via youtube so far, but all of the interviews I have seen have been terrific.

Watch the video, below, as Carlson dresses down clearly racist talk show host, Tariq Nasheed, beginning the dialogue by calling him a coward, in response to the following tweet….

Carlson:  “Tariq, thanks a lot for coming on the show. This struck me when I read it as a pretty cowardly thing for you to say for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because it’s so imprecise. You don’t spell out what you mean. You say ‘that’s interesting.’ Why is that interesting? Would it have been better if this guy, the murderer, had continued to hack people with a butcher knife?”

Cowardly Nasheed then attempts to dance his way out of his racism, claiming, “that tweet was very vague, very neutral.” Really? Looked very racist to me. Then, Nasheed, having totaling lost the argument, calls Carlson and Fox white supremacists.

Carlson: “I’m sorry, there is only so much I can take. I spent all afternoon listening to your podcast, which is the most racialized thing I think I have ever listened to in my life.”

The interview heats up from there, Nasheed trying to excuse his blatant racism and Carlson refusing to back off. Nasheed played his final race card asking Carlson, “So, we don’t live in a system of complete white supremacy, everybody is lying, Tucker?”