Canadian Cruz is claiming that he won “grassroots” landslides in the past five states, even though actual citizens voted in only one of those states

From Daily Mail Cruz claims he’s won ‘landslides over and over’ beating Trump in five consecutive states – even though only one of them held an election Texas senator won handily in Wisconsin on April 5 but his more recent […]

The Colorado surprise continues its backfire. As we predicted, Canadian Cruz is collapsing in the polls, while Donald Trump is surging

By Thomas Madison The most respected polling organization among political pundits is unquestionably Real Clear Politics (RCP). Their latest polling data is showing an expected spike in Donald Trump’s poll numbers, and an equally expected nosedive in Canadian Cruz’s poll […]

Our prediction that the Colorado heist would result in net negative delegates for the Canadian is spot on. Cruz is dropping like a rock

By Thomas Madison We predicted the day after the GOP shenanigans in Colorado that the public outrage and backlash from the Colorado GOP’s authoritarian manipulation of the primary system, disenfranchising Republican voters statewide, would result in a net negative delegate […]

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine blasts the GOP for it’s anti-Trump agenda. “Be careful boys…. You don’t want to make this a different kind of revolution!”

By Thomas Madison Here come da’ judge! In no uncertain terms, Jeanine Pirro, amazed at the arrogance, corruption, and stupidity of the leaders of the Republican Party, blasted them for their very clear, blatant, and constant assault on Donald Trump. […]

An overwhelming number of Colorado Republicans want Donald Trump for President of the United States. Too bad they didn’t get to vote

Photo, above: Resolution from the Colorado GOP, forbidding its delegates from voting for Donald Trump By Thomas Madison I predict the GOP anti-Trump maneuver in Colorado will backfire. In fact, it already has. Cruz’s popularity numbers in the Rocky Mountain […]

Colorado patriots are organizing a grass roots protest against their state’s corrupt GOP leadership. Check out their facebook page here….

By Thomas Madison The greatest thing Donald Trump has done so far, and he isn’t even in office yet, is expose the slimy creatures who run the GOP for exactly what they are…. slimy creatures who run the GOP, no […]

Video gone viral: Longtime Colorado Republican and GOP delegate (or so he thought) is turned away at the door because he supports Trump

By Thomas Madison I am so pissed right now I can hardly concentrate to write, but I will do my best. Donald Trump has been screwed by the Colorado Republican Party and by the Republican National Committee. There was no […]

Dear God, help us all! This is how easy it is to hack a Diebold voting machine. We the People have lost all control…. or did we ever have it?

By Thomas Madison, H/T Powdered Wig reader, Catherine Mendel Satan could be elected President of the United States (and probably was) if enough money is paid to hack the voting machines. Nothing to it! In light of the recent revelations […]

VIDEO: More voter fraud complaints coming from urban voter precincts in Wisconsin, all favoring Ted Cruz. This stinks to High Heaven!

By Thomas Madison It is early, but there have already been many reports of “voter fraud and voting machine vote flipping” in Wisconsin, all in the favor of Ted Cruz, which obviously points to corruption and cheating yet again by […]

After crapping on Donald Trump for the better part of a year, Reince Priebus warns The Donald, there are “consequences” to threatening a third-party run

By Thomas Madison This is rich! Official GOP mouthpiece/establishment tool, Reince Priebus, is warning Donald Trump that there are “consequences” to threatening a third party run. Really, Reince? We have all watched your despicable RNC shenanigans, your refusal to back […]

Open letter to the people of Wisconsin from Colonel Harry Riley: Courage, Wisconsin! Do the right thing – reject the establishment. Vote for Trump!

From Colonel Harry Riley, to the people of Wisconsin, Patriots For America The republican national committee, establishment elites, and all their strap hangers (Romney, Ryan, Preibus, Walker, ineligible Cruz, Kasich, et al) are now assembling, circling the wagons against those […]

A very interesting poll from ISW, who surveyed over five million likely voters, asking which candidate they would vote for today. It is clearly a two-man race between Trump and Sanders

By Thomas Madison I love ISW (! Their polling is real-time, it is accurate, and it is completely unbiased, with a larger survey sample than any other polling organization in the industry that I know of. In this particular ISW […]

Uh-oh! Cruzbots and Trump-haters, you are not going to like this! Our favorite polling source has surveyed nearly 50,000 likely Wisconsin voters and discovered….

Thomas Madison If you are a committed Trump-hating Cruzbot, you may want to leave the room for a minute. This is just going to make you cry like a baby. The lamestream media has been doing all it can to […]

80-year old’s letter to the RNC and the beltway career parasites on both sides of the aisle is a gem. He explains perfectly why the people want Trump

By Thomas Madison This anonymous letter to the RNC from an 80-year old Republican was sent to and published by 100 Percent Fed Up. It explains perfectly why We the People are sick and tired of the self-serving career parasites on […]

VIDEO: Canadian Cruz is engineering a delegate mutiny against Donald Trump should the nomination go to a second ballot in Cleveland

By Thomas Madison Ted Cruz is a snively, whiny wimp who can win only by cheating. He is now engineering a crushing blow to Donald Trump and his army of supporters in Cleveland should the nomination go to a second ballot. […]

THIS is the Trump revolution! These photos illustrate perfectly the difference between a RINO rally and a Trump rally

By Thomas Madison This is what the media isn’t showing you. As evidenced in the photo, above, a Trump rally is more like a rock concert, both in crowd size and enthusiasm. There’s a revolution underway, folks, and we should […]

VIDEO: Beyond unbelievable! The total arrogance of the GOP and RNC on full display. THIS is why We the People are pissed off!

By Thomas Madison Get ready, folks! This is going to make you angry enough to send your fist through the monitor. I got so mad my ass wanted to chew tobacco! The total arrogance of the GOP and RNC is […]

Trump dominates March 15 primaries. The voters are watching, GOP. Will you get behind the people’s choice or commit Republicide?

By Thomas Madison Beware the Ides of March, Donald. Et tu, Ted? Watching the 2016 GOP presidential primary process unfold, I remain struck by the rich Shakespearean metaphors, which are very interesting and even frightening in a premonitory sort of […]

This meme tells you all you need to know about why it is so important to elect Donald Trump president

By Thomas Madison There is a reason the RINOs are ganging up on Donald Trump. He has exposed them for what they are, no better than scummy liberals, parasites all, feasting on their host, We the People! Donald Trump aims […]

Links to March 15 live stream presidential primary coverage and interactive maps, state by state, county by county

By Thomas Madison Following are links to on line, live stream coverage of the March 15 primary, including live commentary and real time results…. MSNBC live stream ABC live stream Fox News live stream Following are inks to on line interactive maps detailing […]

Check out the Ohio GOP primary ballot. It is incredibly confusing, raising many concerns and questions

By Thomas Madison Really? Has the state of Ohio intentionally designed a primary ballot, pictured above, that is so confusing that many votes may not be counted? How does this thing work? What if people make a mistake? Is the […]

The Donald takes 3 of 4 states in the March 8 primary/caucus, including my home state of Hawaii. Way to go, kama’aina!

By Thomas Madison A rare night in Hawaii. Cold, rainy, and windy. When I stepped outside to drive to the local high school to cast my ballot for Donald Trump, I could have sworn I had been time-warped into the […]

BREAKING! Mitt Romney swears he isn’t running. His only goal is to trash Trump as much as possible. Or could he be lying again?

By Thomas Madison I am studying Mitt Romney’s latest declaration that he is NOT going to run for president. That will be a relief to the Trump Team, but why did Romney, or the skunks who put him up to […]

AUDIO: Very interesting Hugh Hewitt interview of Donald Trump. Guess who The Donald has not ruled out for VP?

By Thomas Madison Politicians do indeed make strange bedfellows! In the following Hugh Hewitt radio interview, Hewitt asked Donald Trump if he had ruled out Ted Cruz for VP? The Donald unpredictably replied, “Well, I don’t know. Look, I have nothing […]

Please sign this petition telling Mitt Romney to stay out of the 2016 presidential race. He has been hired by special interests to hurt Trump

By Thomas Madison Prior to this week, I actually believed Mitt Romney to be an honorable man with great integrity. Boy, did Mitt Scumbag Romney have me fooled! Please sign this petition telling Mitt Romney to stop embarrassing himself and […]

World class ass hat, Karl Rove, is wrong AGAIN! Watch him predict the VA GOP primary to be tightening, then cut off by this announcement.

Photo, above: Karl Rove, achieving what medical experts thought physically impossible, delivers his stellar analysis of the Virginia GOP primary on Fox News. During the Super Tuesday Fox News exit polling, Chris Wallace solicited Karl “The Artichect” (yeah, right!) Rove’s […]

Big GOP donors, preferring Hitlery in the White House to Donald Trump, appear to be planning an independent run by…. Mitt Romney? Really?

By Thomas Madison A group of heavy-hitter GOP donors, terrified at the prospect of a President Donald Trump, who they fear will derail their beltway gravy train, has hired a popular GOP consulting firm to study the feasibility of  organizing […]

Links to Super Tuesday live coverage and up-to-the-minute, state by state reporting

By Thomas Madison Keep up to speed on Super Tuesday, state by state, primary results on Politico’s nifty live map. Results should begin rolling in around 7PM, Eastern. For live stream coverage I am choosing CNN tonight, even though you […]

Ted Cruz has enjoyed a lead in his home state of Texas, but is now tied with Trump. Cruz has shown his true colors and Texans don’t like it!

By Thomas Madison If you can’t win the primary in your home state, what good do you think you will have in the general election? None! Such is the case with Marco Rubio, who is being soundly whipped by Donald […]

Thank God! The final GOP presidential debate is over! All throughout this debate season the only winners have been the networks

UPDATE: My mistake! Maybe it was wishful thinking, but Thursday’s spectacle in Houston was NOT the final GOP presidential debate. In fact, there are two more, March 3 in Detroit, and March 10 in Florida. Thanks for setting me straight, Donn […]