By Thomas Madison

I am so pissed right now I can hardly concentrate to write, but I will do my best.

Donald Trump has been screwed by the Colorado Republican Party and by the Republican National Committee. There was no public primary vote, only a corrupt convention where party hacks who had been influenced (ordered) to support Ted Cruz were dutifully toting the putrid party water.

As a result Canadian Cruz walked away with all of the convention delegates. To hell with the people! The Party will decide! Welcome to Iran, folks.

Facebook friend and Powdered Wig reader, Larry Wayne Lindsey, a longtime Colorado conservative Republican and GOP delegate (or so he thought) from Douglas County was delivered some bad news as he attempted to enter the convention in Colorado Springs…. Get lost! No Trump supporters allowed! You have been replaced!

In protest, Larry burnt his Colorado GOP registration in a youtube video (below), which made its way to Donald Trump. It has now gone viral.

I, too, am finished with the Republican Party. I think the GOP should change its acronym to GFY.

I have no idea what is involved in running third party or independent at this point in the race, but I trust The Donald and his circle of geniuses have it figured out. I’m voting for Trump no matter what party (or no party) he chooses.

As amazing as this news is of the corrupt, anti-American Republican establishment maneuvering to crush the peoples’ will, it is even more amazing to me, and most disheartening, to hear the Cruzbots cheering for more blatant larceny. They couldn’t care less that the people never had a say. I am absolutely shocked that they can’t see what is happening right in front of their own eyes. These scumballs should be rounded up, stripped naked, tarred and feathered, and put on the first train to Nofuckinwhere!

From Infowars

Moments after announcing that Ted Cruz had swept all 34 delegate slots at the Colorado GOP convention Saturday, the state party tweeted: “We did it. #NeverTrump.”

Within minutes, the tweet had been deleted.

Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, insisted his staff had nothing to do with the tweet and is now investigating.

“There’s no way we tweeted that,” House said, although he acknowledged that the state party was responsible for deleting it.

Even though it only existed in the ether of cyberspace for a few minutes, the optics of such a tweet coming from the neutral arbiter of Saturday’s delegate selection process amidst a hard-fought trench war between Cruz and Donald Trump to secure the Republican presidential nomination rankled a number of Colorado Republicans.