By Thomas Madison, H/T Powdered Wig reader, Catherine Mendel

Satan could be elected President of the United States (and probably was) if enough money is paid to hack the voting machines. Nothing to it!

In light of the recent revelations of apparent voter fraud and voter machine tampering in the Wisconsin GOP primary, all of which favored Ted Cruz, the following video illustrates just how easy it is to hack a voting machine, in this case the Diebold voting machine, the machine most in use in the United States today.

Some very strange things happened in Wisconsin. First of all, Cruz came away with a convincing victory of over 13 points, despite the polls never showing that margin.

Secondly, in the most recent polling done by Real Clear Politics, which cited American Research Group’s survey of likely Wisconsin voters, Trump led Cruz by ten points. In other polling, especially our favorite real-time poll by, Trump led Cruz by even more.

Thirdly, and this is the most damning evidence I have seen, Donald Trump swept nearly all of the rural precincts of Wisconsin, where voter fraud and tampering has historically been virtually non-existent. Yet in the urban precincts, where voter fraud and tampering has almost always been found, Cruz won big.

Now, here is the really interesting part of Cruz’s stunning victory in the urban precincts. Urban precincts are ALWAYS ultra-liberal, secular areas where ultra-right wing conservatives and evangelical Christians are not exactly welcome, let alone voted for.  Yet, Ted Cruz, a self-proclaimed ultra-right wing conservative and evangelical Christian, scored big there. Are you smelling a rat yet?

Voter ID and paper ballots, NOT counted on hackable electronic devices, appears to me to be the simplest, most trustworthy solution to the obvious fraud that is being committed. If it takes an extra day to count the ballots, so be it.