By Thomas Madison

A rare night in Hawaii. Cold, rainy, and windy. When I stepped outside to drive to the local high school to cast my ballot for Donald Trump, I could have sworn I had been time-warped into the Michigan primary. Braddah, it was cold! And me in dakine cargo shorts, short sleeves, and rubbah slippahs. So pupule, brah!

I had been receiving emails all day long from national and state campaign operatives – “vote for Cruz!” “Cast your ballot for Rubio!” Yada, yada!

My wife, my son, and I, registered Republicans all, proudly cast our ballots for Donald Trump. The foolproof and proper way. Photo ID. Paper ballot. Kudos to the election officials in Hawaii for their good common sense in conducting an honest election. This should be done in all 57 states.

The Donald took three of four states tonight, increasing his delegate lead over second-place finisher, Canadian Cruz, who is crowing about being within striking distance.

And then there is March 15, the winner-take-all states, which, according to polling, should catapult Donald Trump into a commanding and likely insurmountable lead.

Trump leads in all five of  the winner-take-all states by double digits except Ohio, where he leads Governeor Kasich by only five points.